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The “Innocence of Dogs” Causes Howls of Protest; Obama Issues Apology

Wolf Howling

The recently released film, the “Innocence of Dogs,” a virulently anti-dog film produced by Cats Uber Alles, a U.S. corporation owned by one Kitty Galore, has led dogs to violent world wide protests organized by the Islamadog Foundation.  The protesters, who condemned the film as “blasphemy,” called for “death to all four legged chew toys” and a global ban on insults to canines.

In response to this unrest, President Obama immediately had Kitty Galore called in for questioning by a joint FBI/ASPCA task force and asked Google to “review” whether the film should remain on line.  In addition, he produced an advertisement wherein he apologized to dogs everywhere, stating that their protests were the “natural result” of the provocative film and adding that free speech in America must be exercised with restraint….

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