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Islamic blasphemy law enforced against Houston pastor


Muslim mischief in Missouri City


Houston Man Charged With Supporting ISIS, Helping Friend Travel To Syria To Join Terror Group

#Sharia in HOUSTON: Prosecutors say father killed 2 in “honor killings”

Lamar Consolidated ISD chooses poorly

CAIR Demands Head of Houston Firefighter Over Facebook Post

Haters gotta hate; Israel still lives!

Houston: Muslim arrested for making terroristic threats and displaying hoax bomb after four-hour standoff at Walmart

Exclusive: Clarion Project Discovers Texas Terror Enclave

Sharia on Tour

Rules, Shmules…we do what we want!

Texan’s NFL Game

Houston, Texas: Police investigating “No Muslim parking” signs at shopping center

Muslim supremacism in Houston

Houston: Al-Quds Day, AKA Celebration of Hating the Jews

MUST READ: Lucky Cypress, Texas has not one, but two, mosques!

A day in Sharia Land, Texas

How Muslim proselytizing creeps into public schools

Texas Reps Get it Right on “Muslim Capitol Day”

Austin, Texas: Observations on Texas Muslim Capitol Day

Muslim Students Association- The Muslim Brotherhood within our schools

Houston: Wasting good bacon makes me sad

Houston: Why in the Sam Hill would you put a head scarf on a baby?

Houston, Texas: Time to hate the Jews

A visit to the halal slaughterhouse (My, how our neighborhoods are changing.)

Things that annoy me

Never Forget- Reminding Houstonians about 9-11

Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood (Houston-area Moms and Dads- does your child’s school have a Muslim Student Association?)

Sharia in Houston, TX: Muslim asks HPD to revise frisking rules on headscarfs

Houston, Texas: Al-Quds Day, also known as Hate the Jews Day

Houston, Texas: Puh-lease: International Day of Quds

“Houston Iftar” Annual Ramadan Dinner with Mayor Annise Parker,City of Houston

Edification: Bill Warner, June 12, Houston

Houston: Bill Warner: Sharia Law for Non-Muslims

Houston, We Have a Problem (textbooks)

Katy, TX Mosque construction goes ahead; Imam continues to serve on Anti-American fatwa committee

Obama’s host for Houston visit; advice to local politicians about Muslim civil rights

Oh Houston! Not a halal taco truck!

Muslim Brotherhood-connected Crescent Youth: Hot chocolate and Da’wah in Sugar Land, Texas

Houston Texas: CAIR-Texas Rep Offers Black History Month Lecture at Lonestar College Kingwood

Rabid anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and preaching of militaristic jihad? Muslim Brotherhood’s Texas Conference in Houston on Christmas Day

Ladies at lunch in Sugar Land, Texas

Sugarlandistan: WHY?

Katy, Texas: Pat Lycos and Paul Bettencourt to attend Muslim Brotherhood front group Mosque/Islamic center groundbreaking event

Was a Texas District Attorney the victim of a stealth Muslim Brotherhood influence operation aimed at Republicans in Harris County ?

Houston, Texas: Palestinian Festival, 2012

More drivel from the Houston Chronicle – Paints Muslims as Victims and Ignores Radical Fatwas from Local Imam

Islamic Society of Greater Houston hosts Anti-American speakers – Houston’s “self-policing” Muslims vanish

Pakistani acid-attack victim finds new life in Houston


5 Responses

  1. where and when are organized protests being held at mosques ?

  2. I just signed up but I don’t know ow to contact you guys, this is a hugely important event please contact me with any way I can be of use or help.

  3. Act For America Houston is the most useful, active, and informative site for information on Islam. I really want to help FUND your activities and your message, but I do not hear from you when I email.

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