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5 Responses

  1. Slavery and Jihad

    Posted on November 1, 2011 by actforamericahouston

    by Anestos Canelides

    Thanks for posting my article

  2. I am a Muslim.

    To the person commenting on the “World’ Most Tolerant Faith” lecture, I’d like to invite you to the event as my guest. Email me back. You are entitled to your opinions but that doesn’t mean we cannot see eye to eye on other issues or at least discuss like friends. I wish you well.


    • Dear Ahmed,
      Thank you for your kind invitation. I appreciate your thoughtful response.
      Just to clarify, which of the quotes in the piece are inaccurate? The ones about Jews being brothers of apes? The one about beheading hundreds of Jewish men and boys? The one about opponents of the prophet having a hand and foot cut off?
      I await your response.
      I wish you well.
      PS Are you Ahmed, or are you Ray?

      • Jews are not brothers of apes, they are brothers of Muslims. As billions of Christians have learned to ignore the actual writings within their texts, so too must Muslims. I am Ahmed, Ray, Jesus and Jeremiah. If I see a Muslim bullied for his faith, I will stand for him but if I see a Jew or Christian bullied by Muslims, I will stand against that too. All this anti-Muslim hatred won’t get you anywhere, most of it is quite paranoid and over simplified. Have fun.

  3. nice work on the Gulen Movement, keep exposing them to your fellow Texans. Peyton Wolcott, West Texas Patriots and Donna Garner have done a good job in exposing them as well as writer Stephanie Saul pulitzer prize winning author in her NY Times Article. This group is unAmerican and cut out Americans for jobs, bids etc., Even the school uniforms and those ridiculous Turkish costumes the kids wear in the Turkish Olympiads waving the flag of Islam are made by Turkish Textile companies ran by Gulenists.
    They are subtle with their indoctrination but very patient. They also money launder among their many Gulen Front Groups and rig the testing and “appearances” for politicians.
    Hold your politicians ACCOUNTABLE, many are starting to distance themselves with this group because of the bribes, etc.,


    A good book by author Dr. Aland Mizell, “Tactics of Islam, conquering America from withing-the Fethullah Gulen Missionaries” is a must read. It is a quick read with many references.

    Continue your good work, trouble follows this group wherever they go.

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