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Houston Man Charged With Supporting ISIS, Helping Friend Travel To Syria To Join Terror Group

by Patrick Poole

Following up on my report earlier today on the 40 terror-related arrests so far this year — nearly double the number for 2013 and 2014 combined — the FBI arrested yesterday another Houston-area man for conspiring to support ISIS.

Asher Abid Khan, a 20-year-old from Spring, Texas, planned to travel to Syria through Turkey to join ISIS, but was lured back home by his family who lied and told him that his mother was dying.

According to the FBI press release:

The criminal complaint alleges Khan and a friend devised a plan to travel to Turkey and on to Syria for the purpose of joining and waging jihad on behalf of ISIL. Khan had allegedly asked a Turkish-based foreign terrorist fighter facilitator that “I wana join ISIS can you help?” He also told someone else that “I wana die as a Shaheed [martyr],” according to the allegations.

Khan’s friend allegedly made it to Syria and ISIL with the assistance of Khan and the foreign terrorist fighter facilitator. Khan had been living in Australia with a relative and made it to Istanbul, Turkey, where he was to meet up with his friend in their quest to join ISIL, according to the complaint. However, Khan’s family sent him false information regarding his mother’s health and he was deceived into returning home to Texas…..

….As I noted in my previous article today, the Islamic terror threat in the American homeland is metastasizing rapidly, due mainly to the recruiting and propaganda efforts of the Islamic State and the sheer number of thousands of foreign fighters pouring into the conflict in Syria.

But with many countries now actively preventing would-be jihadists from traveling to Turkey to link up with the ISIS and other terror groups in Syria, many are now looking for alternative fields of jihad. Reuters reports today on video they obtained of foreign fighters now having joined up with Boko Haram in Nigeria.

And, of course, would-be jihadists frustrated in their attempts to travel abroad are also looking to conduct terror attacks at home with the encouragement of ISIS and other terror groups….



Concerned about your child’s textbooks?



Please join us at our next meeting: Monday, January 12, 7 PM.

We will have Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, along with members of the Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition speaking to us.

Exposed:  The Islamic da’wah efforts to promote Islam in proposed public school textbooks.

(To help understand the problem with our textbooks, see here.)

Learn what you can do to affect the purchases of textbooks in your school district!

Invite a school board member, a teacher or concerned parents to attend.

Location: West Houston Bible Church
1450 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77043

Free and open to the public.

“Islamophobia” in academia

from Robert Spencer at JihadWatch.org:

“Islamophobia” courses are apparently increasingly common on university campuses. …I received this email from a young man in Texas (again, reproduced as written):

I go to the University of Texas at Arlington though I do not accuse you of this I am writing a paper on Islamophobia and how it is changing the usa for the worst

I wrote this back:

Sorry, I don’t believe in “Islamophobia.” It is a propagandistic neologism designed to intimidate people into thinking that there is something wrong with resisting jihad terror. Would you have written a paper about how “Naziphobia” was changing the USA for the worse in 1943? Best of luck with your paper.

But he persisted, sending me some questions. The questions are below, with the answers I sent him:

1. Do you hate Muslims and if so why?


2. Do you have any prejudices if so why?


3. Did this site start pre 9/11 or after?

October 2003.

4. Describe in detail your views on Muslims.

Muslims cannot be generalized. Some are wonderful people. Some are not. Just like everyone else.

5. Why do you think Islam is dangerous?

Because it has a doctrine, theology and legal system mandating warfare against and subjugation of unbelievers. Cf. Qur’an 9:29 (see also 8:39, 8:60, 2:190-193, etc.); Sahih Muslim 4294; the various teachings of the Sunni and Shi’ite madhahib about jihad — a handy reference is Reliance of the Traveller section O9. See Majid Khadduri’s book War and Peace in the Law of Islam. See also the escalating persecution of non-Muslims in Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Also because of Sharia’s institutionalized oppression of women (recently manifested in several murders of women for refusing to wear hijab — Aqsa Parvez, Amina Muse Ali, etc.), the death penalty for apostates (Mohamed Hegazy in hiding and in fear for his life in Egypt, Abdul Rahman fleeing Afghanistan to avoid a death sentence for apostasy, etc).

Instead of fighting against this oppression, people like you, by fostering the “Islamophobia” fantasy, are abetting it. No hate crime is justified. Yet Jews are the victims of hate crimes eight times more often than Muslims are in the U.S. Why aren’t you writing about anti-Semitism? Because you have bought the propaganda that “Islamophobia” is a problem, and don’t even realize how you’re being manipulated into serving an agenda that is designed to shut down all criticism of and resistance to jihad terror and Sharia oppression, so that they can advance unimpeded.

6. Do you have any Muslim friends?


This is what passes for academic study on our rapidly-sinking campuses these days.


Islamist Jurisprudence Group to Train 200 U.S. Imams

The group instructs Muslims to infiltrate positions of power for the purpose of gradually implementing sharia in America.  

By Ryan Mauro     Tue, January 28, 2014
Sheikh Waleed Basyouni is a member of the North American Imam Federation (NAIF), Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA)-Fatwa and Research Committee and the Director of Texas Dawah Convention. He is pictured here giving a speech titled Sheikh Waleed Basyouni is a member of the North American Imam Federation (NAIF), Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA)-Fatwa and Research Committee and the Director of Texas Dawah Convention. He is pictured here giving a speech titled “Reclaiming Islam from the Extremists.”The California-based Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) is holding a conference in Texas next month where it hopes to educate 200 imams.  AMJA is an anti-American Salafist group that supports abuse of women, violent jihad and the stealthy imposition of sharia in the U.S.AMJA’s 11th Annual Imams Conference will be held on February 21-23 in Dallas, Texas with the theme, “Islamic Home Finance in the West.” The subject is part of Sharia Finance, or economics that comply with sharia.

The organization says it has already had 150 imams sign up and it has a maximum capacity of 200. Imams lead mosques and Islamic centers and are seen as the local authority on the faith, so AMJA’s teachings can impact thousands of Muslims in North America.

AMJA’s self-description says that the organization has a “moderate approach and a rejection of extremism,” but if you read what AMJA actually says, a picture emerges.

AMJA has an online bank of fatwas, or authoritative religious determinations. They explicitly command Muslims to pursue the imposition of sharia-based governance entirely. AMJA specifically criticizes those who say parts of sharia are not applicable to today, essentially saying that America should model itself after Saudi Arabia.

It instructs Muslims to infiltrate positions of power for the subversive purpose of incrementally implementing sharia. In one translated document, AMJA says Muslim judges in non-Muslim countries must “judge by the rulings of the Sharia as much as possible, even if by a ruse.”

AMJA also supports violent jihad. In 2009, AMJA responded to Israeli military operations in Gaza against the Hamas terrorist group by telling Muslims that they are required to defend their co-religionists whenever their land is attacked by an enemy. Its fatwa said to help them “with every possible means of support: military, financial, political and journalistic.”

On the topic of jihad in America, AMJA states in an Arabic fatwa that “the Islamic community does not possess the strength to engage in offensive jihad at this time” [emphasis mine]:

“With our current capabilities, we are aspiring towards defensive jihad, and to improve our position with regards to jurisprudence at this stage. But there is a different discussion for each situation,” AMJA explained.

Several of AMJA’s fatwas are harmful to women, justifying marital rape and “female circumcision” or, as it the practice is more accurately called, female genital mutilation. AMJA advises Muslims against joining law enforcement in case they are ordered to arrest a Muslim for raping his wife.

These are not messages that should be welcomed anywhere and especially not in the U.S., but about 200 imams in this country respect AMJA enough to go to its Texas conference for instruction. That is shocking enough by itself, but we must also consider all of AMJA’s allies that won’t be attending the event.

AMJA’s list of its experts numbers 47, with most of them living here. There are about 40 additional AMJA members that are in positions of influence.

Its leadership is intertwined with other Muslim-American institutions. It has had common leadership with the American Open University, Mishkah Islamic University of North America, League of Imams in North America, the North American Imams Federation, Michigan’s Islamic Center of Grand Blank City, the Dar al-Farooq Center and more.

AMJA’s event impacts the entire country. Any imam who looks to AMJA for guidance is disqualified as a “moderate.”


Islamic Association Building an “Islamic Village” in Dallas suburb

From the Creeping Sharia blog:

For the uninformed, Richardson, Texas is a Hamas hotspot. See our previous mentions of Richardson here – home to the Muslim charity convicted in the largest ever terror financing case in U.S. history. The group above IANT, also met with the FBI:

Pay attention to the Islamization in your neighborhood and state and send us links at our Contact page.


IANT is also known as the Dallas Central Mosque (DCM). The  DCM has been described in a 1999 article in a Counterterrorism Journal as:

… considered to be one of the most active centers of Hamas activity in the United States and hosts the leadership and members of both the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and the Holy Land Foundation (HLF). Both organizations are the primary conduits for Hamas activity and fundraising in the United States. (See Note 2)

Note 2 The Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 1999 Fall “The Kavakci Affair: Headscarves, Religious Rights, and Terrorist Front Groups”

Kavakci is the current imam at IANT as shown on their web page.

A reader also informed us that:

Nabil Elibiary is the Director of Islamic Association of North Texas, Incorporated

Nabil’s past corporate interests include the Member of The Islamic Association of Carrollton, Inc.

If the name Elibiary sounds familiar it might be because it is also the name of an infamous Muslim from the Richardson, Texas area who is now a member of the Department of Homeland Security – despite having illegally accessed (i.e., stolen) data from a classified database. That Elibiary recently claimed:

It appears that the director of IANT, the group building a Muslim neighborhood, is the father of the DHS advisor:

My oldest son Mohamed Elibiary became politically active, and started a political empowerment organization, for Muslims and non-Muslims “The Freedom and Justice Foundation (F&J)”

The Freedom and Justice party is also the name of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Is the picture getting clearer?


Islamic Association Of North Texas Building A “Vast Community” In the Heart of Texas

Is a mini Mecca being built in Dallas, Texas? Of all the frightening  propositions, this is happening right now. The Lone Star State is morphing into  an Islamic hotspot. How could this happen in a state that revels in its guns  and Bibles? By slow, deliberate integration and patience. The Islamic  Association of North Texas (IANT) did not come to prominence overnight, but flew  under the radar. Thus, the Islamic community has expanded and prospered. With  the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) set to train 200 Imans in  February of this year in Dallas, Sharia is coming to Texas. The subject of this conference will be “Islamic  Home Finance in the West.” This is instructing Imans on Sharia  Finance and implementing sharia by force. At this point, there couldn’t be a  better place to set up a vast Islamic community than Sharia  compliant north Dallas. It is not a matter of if, but when.

Dallas, Texas is one of the last places one would expect to encounter Sharia  law, much less a thriving Islamic community. However, the Devil works while  people aren’t paying attention, and when political correctness overrides  ationale. The Islamic  Association of North Texas has been active for thirty years in the Dallas  area, making inroads and growing. With this, the IANT has come and conquered.  The IANT’s website  is eye opening and something every American should look at to get a feel for  what an Islamic invasion looks like. This is happening in our own backyards.

More than  thirty years ago, the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) was  established to serve the local Muslim community. Since then, our community has  grown considerably, and so have our needs. As we inaugurate our next  quarter-century in North Texas, we introduce a novel community idea: the Islamic  Village Project, a Muslim neighborhood.”

The Islamic Village Project is a multi-million dollar project that  will foster great change in the Muslim community of Dallas. It will house a  senior center, Youth center, Social Services department, residential quarters,  play area for the children, retail center, clinic, and a separate building for  IQA and Suffa Islamic Seminary classes. The project will extend from the current  Masjid facility at Abrams, on the North and South side of Spring Valley across  from the masjid, and West towards Greenville.

This sounds like an ambush, but in actuality it required careful planning. An  Islamic village in  North Texas seems like something out of the Twilight Zone. But if Sharia can  come and conquer other American locales, Texas is not exempt. There is no area  in the United  States that is immune to an Islamic invasion. To unobservant eyes, this will  look like a well formed, integrated community. For all practical purposes, this  works in a secular American society that has lost its vigilance when it comes to  true  Islam, and never truly understood it to begin with. Islam  invaded America and has thrived because of the ignorance of the American  people.

One of  the cornerstones of the Islamic Village will be it Educational Complex  housing our IANT Quranic Academy and Suffa Islamic Seminary under the leadership  of Imam Yusuf Ziya Kavakci. In addition, the Educational Complex is expected to  have a Youth Center, Day Care Facilities, and playground areas for children of  all ages.

When  you memorize the Quran you’ve planted the seed. The seed needs to be watered  and taken care of, so make the Quran part of your life.” This is on the IQA-IANT  Quranic Academy’s Facebook page.

What a perfect breeding ground for eager young jihadist minds. This Islamic  Association of North Texas has direct ties to Hamas.  This is not community integration, but terrorist training and preparation. To be  an ardent Islamist is to wage jihad. Their official mission reads  like a Interfaith conference bulletin.

To  educate on the virtues of Islam and practice it. To build bridges of  cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding among  faiths.

What lies and deception! No one will be the wiser! To be in opposition is to  be an “Islamophobe.” In the name of progressive  idiocy, Islam is peace, in spite of the obvious truth. In 2008, five  Muslim leaders, working under the guise of a charity known as the Holy  Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Dallas, were arrested for  funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. No doubt many of the same people  involved in this terror operation are working for the IANT to build Dallas’s version of Mecca.

With the coming AMJA  conference in Dallas in February, a disturbing picture emerges. This is  sharia coming to Texas, to instruct and send Imans out to other parts of the country to engage in  jihad. The California-based  Salafist group is training Muslims from across the country to teach and  educate them, and then for them to propagate these sadistic teachings in mosques  everywhere.

Several  of AMJA’s fatwas are harmful  to women, justifying marital rape and “female circumcision” or, as it the  practice is more accurately called, female genital mutilation. AMJA advises  Muslims against joining law enforcement in case they are ordered to arrest a  Muslim for raping his wife.

These  are not messages that should be welcomed anywhere and especially not in the  U.S., but about 200 imams in this country respect AMJA enough to go to its Texas  conference for instruction. That is shocking enough by itself, but we must also  consider all of AMJA’s allies that won’t be attending the  event.

The state of Texas spawned Mohamed  Elibiary, who grew up in the North Dallas area, and has direct  ties to the Islamic Association of North Texas. In 2008, Elibiary strongly criticized the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) convictions. Both the IANT  and HLF have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of Elibiary  being convicted of terrorist activities, he has risen to a position of  prominence within the Department of Homeland Security. Islamists do not get demoted in Obama’s  Muslim Brotherhood White House, of which Elibiary  is its most vocal member.

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, or so they say. Evidently, this  same standard applies to a complete Islamic  community, where present-day and future jihadists will learn and train to  kill in the name of Allah.

Source: http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/lone-star-mecca-islamic-association-of-north-texas-building-a-vast-community-in-dallas/

Texas: Conviction upheld of Muslim who plotted jihad bombing of Bush’s home


At least Aldawsari has the satisfaction of knowing that he tied up the Infidel’s resources and made him spend a good deal of money on this frivolous appeal, and that in itself is a kind of jihad. “Conviction upheld in Saudi student Texas bomb plot,” by Michael Graczyk for the Associated Press, January 24 (thanks to Bill):

HOUSTON (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld the conviction of a former Texas college student from Saudi Arabia sentenced to life in prison for trying to make a bomb for use in a religious attack that possibly was targeting former President George W. Bush.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday rejected an appeal from Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 23. A federal court jury in Amarillo in June 2012 convicted him of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Prosecutors said Aldawsari, serving his life term at a federal prison in Terra Haute, Ind., had collected bomb-making material in his Lubbock apartment and researched possible targets, including Bush’s Dallas home, the Cotton Bowl, Hoover Dam and “people of New York,” according to the trial transcript.

Aldawsari’s lawyers contended in their appeal before the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit that the trial judge improperly allowed evidence, gave invalid jury instructions and erred in calculating Aldawsari’s sentence….

Aldawsari was arrested in February 2011 after the FBI searched his computer and apartment for evidence under terms of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows such searches if there’s probable cause the offender is an “agent of a foreign power.” The appeal contended the search involving Aldawsari wasn’t valid because there was no evidence of any foreign power’s involvement.

But a three-judge panel of the appeals court said “protection of the nation against terrorist threats” made the search proper under a provision of the act.

Attorneys also argued Aldawsari never completed the bomb but had made “mere preparations,” meaning a single sentence in the jury instruction referring to the crime of attempt was invalid. The court said the reference in the appeal was taken out of context and the instruction as a whole was correct.

In addition, the appeal said the sentence was too severe. While the punishment was the maximum the trial judge could impose, “we do not find the district court abused its discretion,” the appeals panel said.

Aldawsari arrived in the U.S. legally in 2008 to study chemical engineering. A handwritten journal found in his apartment included notes that he believed it was time for “jihad,” a Muslim term for holy war.

Naaah. As Hamas-linked CAIR would have us believe, that just means he was on his way to the gym.

Federal agents also found explosive chemicals, wiring, a hazmat suit and clocks, along with videos showing how to make the chemical explosive TNP.

At his trial, his attorneys claimed he was a harmless failure who never came close to attacking anyone.

He told U.S. District Court Judge Donald E. Walter at his sentencing hearing in November 2012 he was lonely and isolated from family, friends and faith.

The poor guy! Imagine how isolated his victims and their families would have been if his jihad mass murder plot had come to fruition.

“I am sorry for these bad actions, but none of these bad actions did harm to the United States,” Aldawsari said.

FBI bomb experts say the amounts of chemicals he had would have yielded almost 15 pounds of explosive, about the same amount used per bomb in the 2005 London subway attacks….

Aldawsari had transferred from Texas Tech in early 2011 to nearby South Plains College, where he was studying business. A Saudi industrial company was paying his tuition and living expenses in the U.S.


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