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Special report: Inside Muslim majority neighborhoods of Malmo, Sweden


Is Allah the Worst Communicator Ever? (David Wood)

The Only Strategy to Defeat Jihad

By Jonathan David Carson

An imam on British television taught me more in a few minutes than any of the books I have read on Islam, some of them quite instructive. After railing at Israel and America, the imam smiled knowingly and said that if God did not want those skyscrapers to fall, he wouldn’t have let airplanes fly into them. I almost shouted, “Then I guess God wants Palestinians to suffer, or else he wouldn’t let Israelis do all those awful things you say they do!”

I hear endless lamentations about our not having a strategy to defeat “Islamic extremism” or whatever the day’s euphemism is. The cynic in me says that what we really need is to get rid of our strategy of helping the Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs in Iran. But if we have to have a strategy, here it is.

We blow some ISIS bastard to smithereens and shout, “Allahu Akbar!” We take out Iran’s nuclear reactors and say, “If Allah wanted Iran to have a nuclear bomb, he wouldn’t have dropped those bunker-busters.”

Islam holds that there are no “secondary causes,” that is, that God never acts indirectly, by means of natural law, but always directly, willing everything that happens. Fine, then, let secondary causes, cruise missiles, for instance, or rifle bullets, kill as many of our enemies as it takes for them to have to come to their senses. Make them believe that Allah is killing them. Make them believe it for so long that they stop believing the absurd promise that heaven is full of beautiful virgins waiting lustfully for their smelly carcasses. Tell them over and over again that Allah is killing them, and doing it directly, without intermediaries, such as drone pilots or Marine snipers, and they will just want a drink.

Franklin Roosevelt said that the Doolittle Raid was launched from Shangri-La. That’s the idea. We won that war.

People frequently make the mistake of thinking that Islam is like Christianity, only different. They are opposites.

Christianity thrives under adversity. What’s killing Christianity is comfort and ease. Christianity is for people in trouble. Judaism too.

Islam thrives on success….

.…Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but Islam is a terrorist religion.  Mohammed was a mass murderer and child molester, and devout Muslims have been following his example ever since.  As long as there is Islam, there will be “Islamic extremists.” 

The only way to get rid of Islamic extremism is to get rid of Islam, and it can be done.  Several times Islam has been near collapse, only to be rescued by infidels.  The Great Powers of the West, more fearful of each other than of Islam, rescued it in hopes of using it against their European enemies.  During the Cold War, Russians and Americans tried to turn the Islamic world against each other.  Now both live in fear of it.

Islam will collapse in reverse order.  One victory led to another and another and another.  One defeat will lead to another and another until either some Obama rescues it or it collapses.  The no secondary causes doctrine works only on the way up.

The reason we lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that we don’t know our enemies — or anybody else for that matter.  We think that we have to “win the hearts and minds” of Muslims.  That is insane.  No Iraqi or Afghan is going to fight for us.  They will fight for themselves, some of them.  Afghans will not fight for America; they might fight to protect themselves from the Taliban.

We don’t have to be liked or even respected.  Afghans have to be brave enough to fight for freedom.  We can help them be brave by killing some of their enemies.  The Muslim god is an illusion, American military might is real.

Do not in your arrogance think that Afghan villagers are so much less intelligent than we are that it is impossible for them to grasp the obvious: Allah cannot protect the Taliban from determined Americans.  Afghans are like anyone else: they want to be on the winning side.  So don’t lose.

Squeamishness means death all around, even death for our enemies.  Wait until a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, or the anti-Semites have their way and Israel is on the brink of destruction.  That is when you will see real death of Muslims, deaths of millions or tens of millions. 

The issue is how many Muslims we will have to kill.  The liberals would have us kill more, far more, than is necessary.  We could kill a billion Muslims on a lazy afternoon.  We don’t do it because we are not killers, not because we can’t.  They, on the other hand, would kill a billion of us if they could.  They just can’t.

The more we wring our hands and say we are weary, the more we praise Islam without any real knowledge of it or any intention to obey its cruel rules, the more we temporize, the more we pride ourselves on our compassion and understanding, the more Muslims will die.

Obama is presenting a false American face to the Islamic world, which is getting the idea that Americans are just a bunch of European weenies, just when Europeans giving up on being weenies.  We are not “war weary”; we are weary of wars we lose.  Even if we win, we lose, as when we put in place a regime in Iraq more beholden to Iran than to us or a regime in Afghanistan no one should have to live under.

Obama is not America, as Muslims are going to find out.  The sooner, the better.





…Alas, after the fall of the city, Manar, like every other female, has been forced to wear a full burqa. This outfit really does cramp one’s style. “Were we nude before? What was wrong with our clothes?”“Were we nude before? What was wrong with our clothes?” exclaims Manar, as her voice register shoots upward. “Nothing of our skin was exposed. Must we look like portable garbage bags for Allah to be content with us? How will I practice medicine? So that’s it? Everything I worked hard for and planned is gone?” She absolutely breaks my heart. This young, brilliant, and dedicated woman once so passionate about life is asking questions no one appears able to answer.

With Al-Husba (religious police) stationed at local markets to monitor women’s attire, the majority have submitted to the burqa, but some women have resisted and challenged ISIS militants with reason based on Islamic texts that the burqa is not mandatory. Dumbfounded and shocked, because they are to a man uneducated in genuine Islam, knowing only what their leaders have told them, several militants gave up the debate and left. The more hardcore ones refused any discussion. Whether they reject questioning the legitimacy of their religious laws or simply the idea of a woman standing up to them is hard to tell.

A new discourse has surfaced during the past six months in the conservative city of Mosul, one that should lead Islamists everywhere to some recalculation. In brief, it is this: Allah is not doing anything. A phrase considered to be the ultimate heresy in Islam is spreading widely in private discussions. ISIS religious fanatics are creating agnostics and atheists at an alarming rate.

Hasan (alias) is a thirty-something shop owner from Mosul’s East District. His plaint is becoming more typical:

I used to pray voluntarily without a gun pointed to my head. My prayers were sincere and heartfelt. Now, I wrap up my prayers as quick as possible, sometimes not even recalling what I recite. I’m occupied with my shop, which had already been looted once during a mass prayer. Instead of conforming to this ritual [of dropping everything and praying together], I could have performed my prayers in the shop. Any customer would see me, wait till I finished and perhaps buy something. Times are hard without wasting opportunities and as the call for prayer approaches I feel burdened by many grievances that are distancing me from Allah.

Scores of Mosul residents have abandoned going to mosques altogether and choose to pray at home to avoid ISIS. Hasan added: “There is a young man who lives around this area; an absolutely immoral perverted person so that I do not have enough bad words to describe with. He has joined ISIS and grown a long beard. Now he roams the market place fully armed. I see him and think, ‘if this lowlife represents Islam, then I no longer need this religion’—and then I quickly ask Allah for forgiveness.”

Ruaa, 35, told me she misses her “Christian neighbors as Christmas approaches. We used to visit them during their holidays. They were family and we were not able to offer them any help. I am ashamed of myself and my religion. I do not blame them if they hate Islam.” The most extreme statement came from Saad, a 29-year-old physician: “Our problem is with Allah. Every murderer, rapist, and thief speaks in His name and He does nothing. Do not tell me Allah exists. If He does, then He is content with what is happening. Either way I want nothing to do with Him.”

While atheism exists everywhere, what is rising in Mosul, and probably in Raqqa too, is a trend worth noting. When young people, once devoted Muslims, decide to stray from the Creator in anger, the future will bear the consequences. A young doctor told me he has become a heavy smoker and laughs about the extreme lengths he goes to just to get his hands on smoke after ISIS added cigarettes to its extended “taboo list.” He wrapped his amusing story with blasphemy: “If not only ISIS, but if Allah Himself comes down here to Mosul and tells me stop, I will still find a way to smoke.” This is a far cry from the man I used to know, who backed the Islamic Party in all national and local elections. ISIS is driving him crazy….


Islamic State ‘throw two men to their deaths from tower block for being gay’

By Sam Webb

Thrown from a roof, stoned to death and crucified: new ISIS executions show medieval brutality

Horrific pictures have been released of ISIS militants apparently throwing two men to his death for being gay.

The graphic images are among a number that have been released by the regime that has cut a swathe of terror across Syria and Iraq.

Others show two men being crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman who was stoned to death.

A crowd gathered at the bottom of a tower block to witness the death of the two men accused of “engaging in homosexual activities” – a crime according to ISIS’ strict interpretation of Sharia law.

Thrown from a roof, stoned to death and crucified: new ISIS executions show medieval brutality

The other pictures show two blindfolded men accused of banditry tied to crosses in front of a jeering mob….

More, if you can stand it


‘Muslims Love the Messenger Muhammad More Than Their Parents, Children and Even Themselves!’


…Question: Why do Muslims get so bent out of shape with challenges to their prophet (apart from the obvious answer of the Koran commanding death for those who do)? An answer: the historicity of Mohammed will not stand up to scholarly scrutiny. Islam has to threaten everyone with death who would reveal that the Koran is a Pagan imitation of monotheism that plagiarizes and reinvents Christian and Jewish ideas. One of the ideas that most irritates stealth Jihadists is the one argued in Robert Spencer’s Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure OriginsIn a nutshell: Islam is just a made-up religion manufactured as a way to try and unify the Arabian empire.



…Is this blog post “hate speech”? Yes, it is. We need to start defending both the right and the necessity to hate evil. I hate the myth of Mohammed and all the pain it has brought for Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, and Pagans throughout history. We have to stand up and say that if we truly love Muslim people — as the God of the Bible calls us to do — then we need tohate the ideas that are oppressing them. Love people and love God, do not love ideas and images.

If you truly love people then you must hate evil ideas. When freedom is attacked, as it was again today, this is the call and the mantra we need to rebut it with:

rebellion to tyrants



Nicolai Sennels: “Cultural psychology: How Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 years”


Nicolai Sennels: “Cultural psychology: How Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 years”

…In order to further make sure that children grow up to follow the same patterns as their family, many of them are subjected to mind-numbing repetitions of Islam’s exceedingly violent scriptures, making many of them ticking time bombs wherever they live.

Muhammad’s teaching that Muslim females can only marry Muslim males — often within their own bloodline — further bolsters the culture of his followers against outside influence. The fact that the wives are kept like slaves (in that they can only divorce if they are set free by an Islamic authority) keeps them from escaping the religion and very often violent husbands, leaving them with very few freedoms and rights. Should they choose to run away or divorce, they will in most cases be cut off by their family and the often violent father is entitled to the children. Because they are categorized as outcasts and have had no or very little right to educate themselves, the possibility to sustain themselves is strongly limited. On top of that, many will live with a death sentence over their head for the rest of their lives for having insulted the family’s honor.

Almost all Muslim women are thus threatened or even forced to fulfill their responsibility of continuing and passing on the Islamic culture, including its many misogynistic aspects. And the marriage rules within Islam makes sure that non-Muslim influence is not invited into the family.

View on non-Muslims
One basic principle within Islam is hating and harming non-Muslims. The Islamic scriptures are full of dehumanizing propaganda against us, and contain dozens of orders for Muslims to suppress, harm and kill atheists and followers of all other religions. The devaluation and demonizing of non-Muslims can easily be compared to the wartime propaganda spread about the enemy by governments in order remove their soldiers’ psychological hindrances that would otherwise keep them from attacking the opponent. Not surprisingly, Muslims are not allowed to take non-Muslims as friends.

Thus keeping a mental and physical distance to people from other cultures, Islam prevents its followers from being influenced and inspired by our less barbaric values.

Ethnic pride
Another cultural psychological factor enabling Islamic culture to remain unchanged in a globalised world with all its possibilities concerns Muslims’ ethnic pride. No matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it may seem to the outsider, most Muslims are proud of being Muslim and a follower of Islam. According to Islam they are destined to dominate the rest of us, and we are so bad that we deserve the eternal fire. Working as a psychologist in prison, I heard how the Muslim inmates talk about their non-Muslim victims — and their victims were always non-Muslims, unless it concerned women or rival gangs — and I have no doubt that there exists a severe and widespread racism against non-Muslims among Muslims.

The cultural osmosis
Islamic culture thus has several defence mechanisms that prevents it and its followers from being influenced by non-Muslim values. At the same time, Westerners expressing pride in our country, culture or faith are immediately branded as racists, nationalistic or intolerant.

At the same time, we in the West have a longstanding tradition of tolerance and openness, together with the multicultural agenda pushed by the Left, the Media, EU and UN. The cultural osmosis can therefore go only one way: Islam stays where it is, while it drags the West back into medieval darkness, with its limitation of free speech and pre-enlightenment-style acceptance of religious dogmas and sensitivities…..


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