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Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga


Rahim Sabadia: Portrait of a Disgraced Defense Contractor


Four years after the Pentagon suspended the security clearance of Rahim Sabadia — a South African-born, California-based defense contractor who has bankrolled the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — new discoveries raise questions about how he had been permitted to hold one in the first place. Documents analyzed by Islamist Watch show that Sabadia’s foundation donated to an infamous Hamas-funding charity and other radicals, that in 1985 he pleaded guilty to the sale of illegal listening devices, and that immigration officials had ordered him out of the country a decade earlier. Topping off this troubling record, Sabadia recently pleaded guilty to providing false information to a Navy procurement officer in a scheme to recapture an old contract. The Sabadia saga is a warning that Islamists and their sympathizers must be kept away from the sensitive technologies and institutions that protect America.

Concerns about Sabadia initially came to light in a 2011 article by Matt Pearce and Brooke Williams for the Orange County Register. While researching the millions of taxpayer dollars that had been flowing to Sabadia’s Sabtech Industries — thanks, in part, to earmarks from Gary Miller, a Republican congressman whose campaign chest was regularly filled by Sabadia and his wife — the journalists learned that Sabadia had lost his secret-level clearance in 2010. As a result, his company had to stop work on a lucrative contract to upgrade the Navy’s Aegis combat system, a key component of ballistic missile defense. Federal agencies did not disclose the reason for the suspension, but Pearce and Williams located an internal email citing worries about “charitable contributions.”

The authors note that Sabadia, via the Sabadia Family Foundation (SFF), distributes money to “many Islamic education, relief, and humanitarian organizations,” and “one of the foundation’s large beneficiaries — receiving at least $1.2 million since 2002 — is the Council on American-Islamic Relations.” CAIR has been on the outs in Washington due to its designation as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against the Holy Land Foundation, a charity convicted in 2008 of funneling millions to Hamas. In another interesting CAIR–Sabadia link, Omar Zaki, Sabtech’s onetime vice president, is CAIR’s current national chairman.

Sabadia’s massive financing of CAIR, which has reached $1.296 million for its Los Angeles chapter based on available SFFtax filings (2001–12), as well as lesser support for similar Islamist pressure groups, certainly should have grabbed the Defense Department’s attention. However, there have been far more disturbing recipients of the Sabadia family’s largesse….

….Three things, however, are certain: First, it is distressing that a person with Rahim Sabadia’s baggage was able to acquire a clearance and maintain it for as long as he did. Second, other than interactions needed to monitor his probation or investigate any further lawbreaking, the government should keep its distance from Sabadia in the future. Third, an Islamist-aligned individual with classified access has the potential to do far greater damage than the chicanery and quest “for personal gain” witnessed above. The nightmare scenario will come to pass unless Washington more robustly recognizes and acts on the dangers posed by Islamist penetration of the security apparatus, both military and civilian, that protects our country from the resurgent jihad.



Islamic Association Of North Texas Building A “Vast Community” In the Heart of Texas

Is a mini Mecca being built in Dallas, Texas? Of all the frightening  propositions, this is happening right now. The Lone Star State is morphing into  an Islamic hotspot. How could this happen in a state that revels in its guns  and Bibles? By slow, deliberate integration and patience. The Islamic  Association of North Texas (IANT) did not come to prominence overnight, but flew  under the radar. Thus, the Islamic community has expanded and prospered. With  the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) set to train 200 Imans in  February of this year in Dallas, Sharia is coming to Texas. The subject of this conference will be “Islamic  Home Finance in the West.” This is instructing Imans on Sharia  Finance and implementing sharia by force. At this point, there couldn’t be a  better place to set up a vast Islamic community than Sharia  compliant north Dallas. It is not a matter of if, but when.

Dallas, Texas is one of the last places one would expect to encounter Sharia  law, much less a thriving Islamic community. However, the Devil works while  people aren’t paying attention, and when political correctness overrides  ationale. The Islamic  Association of North Texas has been active for thirty years in the Dallas  area, making inroads and growing. With this, the IANT has come and conquered.  The IANT’s website  is eye opening and something every American should look at to get a feel for  what an Islamic invasion looks like. This is happening in our own backyards.

More than  thirty years ago, the Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT) was  established to serve the local Muslim community. Since then, our community has  grown considerably, and so have our needs. As we inaugurate our next  quarter-century in North Texas, we introduce a novel community idea: the Islamic  Village Project, a Muslim neighborhood.”

The Islamic Village Project is a multi-million dollar project that  will foster great change in the Muslim community of Dallas. It will house a  senior center, Youth center, Social Services department, residential quarters,  play area for the children, retail center, clinic, and a separate building for  IQA and Suffa Islamic Seminary classes. The project will extend from the current  Masjid facility at Abrams, on the North and South side of Spring Valley across  from the masjid, and West towards Greenville.

This sounds like an ambush, but in actuality it required careful planning. An  Islamic village in  North Texas seems like something out of the Twilight Zone. But if Sharia can  come and conquer other American locales, Texas is not exempt. There is no area  in the United  States that is immune to an Islamic invasion. To unobservant eyes, this will  look like a well formed, integrated community. For all practical purposes, this  works in a secular American society that has lost its vigilance when it comes to  true  Islam, and never truly understood it to begin with. Islam  invaded America and has thrived because of the ignorance of the American  people.

One of  the cornerstones of the Islamic Village will be it Educational Complex  housing our IANT Quranic Academy and Suffa Islamic Seminary under the leadership  of Imam Yusuf Ziya Kavakci. In addition, the Educational Complex is expected to  have a Youth Center, Day Care Facilities, and playground areas for children of  all ages.

When  you memorize the Quran you’ve planted the seed. The seed needs to be watered  and taken care of, so make the Quran part of your life.” This is on the IQA-IANT  Quranic Academy’s Facebook page.

What a perfect breeding ground for eager young jihadist minds. This Islamic  Association of North Texas has direct ties to Hamas.  This is not community integration, but terrorist training and preparation. To be  an ardent Islamist is to wage jihad. Their official mission reads  like a Interfaith conference bulletin.

To  educate on the virtues of Islam and practice it. To build bridges of  cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding among  faiths.

What lies and deception! No one will be the wiser! To be in opposition is to  be an “Islamophobe.” In the name of progressive  idiocy, Islam is peace, in spite of the obvious truth. In 2008, five  Muslim leaders, working under the guise of a charity known as the Holy  Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Dallas, were arrested for  funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. No doubt many of the same people  involved in this terror operation are working for the IANT to build Dallas’s version of Mecca.

With the coming AMJA  conference in Dallas in February, a disturbing picture emerges. This is  sharia coming to Texas, to instruct and send Imans out to other parts of the country to engage in  jihad. The California-based  Salafist group is training Muslims from across the country to teach and  educate them, and then for them to propagate these sadistic teachings in mosques  everywhere.

Several  of AMJA’s fatwas are harmful  to women, justifying marital rape and “female circumcision” or, as it the  practice is more accurately called, female genital mutilation. AMJA advises  Muslims against joining law enforcement in case they are ordered to arrest a  Muslim for raping his wife.

These  are not messages that should be welcomed anywhere and especially not in the  U.S., but about 200 imams in this country respect AMJA enough to go to its Texas  conference for instruction. That is shocking enough by itself, but we must also  consider all of AMJA’s allies that won’t be attending the  event.

The state of Texas spawned Mohamed  Elibiary, who grew up in the North Dallas area, and has direct  ties to the Islamic Association of North Texas. In 2008, Elibiary strongly criticized the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) convictions. Both the IANT  and HLF have ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead of Elibiary  being convicted of terrorist activities, he has risen to a position of  prominence within the Department of Homeland Security. Islamists do not get demoted in Obama’s  Muslim Brotherhood White House, of which Elibiary  is its most vocal member.

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, or so they say. Evidently, this  same standard applies to a complete Islamic  community, where present-day and future jihadists will learn and train to  kill in the name of Allah.

Source: http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/01/lone-star-mecca-islamic-association-of-north-texas-building-a-vast-community-in-dallas/

Open Letter to Nashville Rabbi on Being Properly Informed for Interfaith Dialogue

This is a letter recently sent to Rabbi Mark Shaftan of the Congregation Ohabai Sholomby in Nashville, TN, by Jerry Gordon, Senior Editor of the New English Review:


October 23, 2013

Dear Rabbi Shaftan:We  understand that  you undertaking an upcoming bus trip on Sunday, October 27th to visit the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM), “A Sacred Journey of Understanding.”   You  are likely to be presented with Da’wah (proselytizing) by Imam Ossama Bahloul, who is an expert in it, trained at al Azhar University in Cairo, a bastion of Sunni Supremacism with deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Hassan al Banna, was an Egyptian teacher from Ismailia and an  acolyte of Adolf Hitler. The MB credo is:

“Allah is our objective, the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations”.

Hardly peaceful, as attested to by the current violence in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East on the borders of Israel.

The Peculiar case of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center

In June 2009, the Boston Jewish community, Massachusetts Governor Derval Patrick and former Boston Mayor Tom Menino welcomed the opening of the $22 millionIslamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC)  allegedly built with with funds from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.  Those allegations spurred a suit by the ISBCC in 2005, against  several plaintiffs. They  included The David Project and then  founder Dr. Charles JacobsSteve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism,The Boston Herald American and Fox News TV channel WFTX in Boston.  Jacobs went on to found Americans for Peace and Tolerance. The suit was dropped in 2007 by the ISBCC leaving the plaintiffs  to foot $2.0 million in legal defense fees.    ISBCC is controlled by the Muslim American Society (MAS), a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

The ISBCC sponsored a Mosque across the Charles in Cambridge. Among its attendees were the Tsarneav brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhor the perpetrators of theBoston Marathon Bombing.   Another  was Aafia Siddiqui  aka ‘Lady Al Qaeda ‘ a convicted terrorist serving a term of 86 years for being an al Qaeda courier and financier. She was  captured by US troops in Afghanistan in an attempt to kill them.  She was a Pakistani scientist and distinguished graduate of both Brandeis and MIT.   Another ISBCC attendee was an American Muslim pharmacist Tarek Mehanna of Sudbury, Massachusetts who was convicted in 2012 for providing material support for Al Qaeda and is now serving a 17.5 year term. He was involved in planning a Nairobi style mall attack in the US .  Another ISBCC attendee and colleague of deceased Tamerlan Tsarneav, was Ibragrim Todaschev. Todaschev was  killed by an FBI agent and Massachusetts state troopers in his Orlando, Florida  home in May 2013. He confessed to perpetrating, along with the late Tamerlan Tsarneav, a ritualistic murder of three men in suburban Waltham, Massachusetts on 9/11//11; two of them were fellow Jews.

Now while Massachusetts Governor Patrick warmly welcomed the ISBCC Mosque opening in 2009, their current Imam, Suhaib Webb, an American convert and former Oklahoma convicted felon, was disinvited from the ecumenical service at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston the Friday following the Marathon Bombing on April 15, 2013. A substitute Imam not affiliated with the ISBCC and the Muslim Brotherhood replaced Sheik Webb at the ecumenical service.

The ISBCC has had some very problematic trustees, one of whom will appear at the ICM in a presentation  on November  3, 2013 in an Abrahamic  Religions event,“God’s Books”Jamal Badawi.

ISBCC trustee Abdulrahman Alamoudi is serving a 23 year sentence in a Federal prison convicted of being in a murder plot against the Saudi King and laundering funds for Al Qaeda. Another trustee is extremist Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian ‘spiritual leader’ Yusuf al Qaradawi. He was caught on video extolling anti-Semitic hatred during a Cairo Tahrir Square rally in February 2011 after returning from exile in Qatar. Al Qaradawi was famously quoted as saying:

“Conquest through Da’wah [proselytizing] that is what we hope for. We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through sword but through Da’wah.”

Jamal Badawi of Canada, a former trustee of the ISBCC, was named as a  un-indicted co-conspirator in the 2007- 2008  Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial in Dallas, Texas over the funneling of upwards of $35 million to Hamas, which is the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Badawi  has been an enduring trustee of the Islamic Society of North America  and CAIR. He was an attendee at the 1991 Philadelphia  Summit of the American  wing  of the Muslim Brotherhood  that  created  a master plan for subversion of America  and spawned  the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Badawi has some peculiar beliefs  including  wife beating and execution of apostates- more on that subject later.  Badawi and fellow MB operative, Nihad Awad, Executive director of CAIR will be present for the”God’s Books “ program at the ICM on November 3, 2013. You might consider returning to ask them some pointed questions during the Q+A.

Some things to know about the ICM

As you planning to take busloads of your congregants to visit the ICM here are some things you should know about its leader Imam Bahloul, Shariah versus Jewish Halacha and what the Rambam Maimonides had to say about  Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

Imam Bahloul is a distinguished graduate who holds a Masters in Da’wah – the call to Islam- from the 1,000 year old Sunni al Azhar University in Cairo. He is  a specialist in reaching out to unbelievers like you and your congregation endeavoring to  convey  a version of Islamic doctrine representing it as a religion of peace.

Given the turmoil in the Middle East doesn’t appear  to be much evidence of peace or tolerance towards non-Muslims.  Two things about the ICM and Imam Bahloul that you ought to know.  During the controversy over the building of the ICM, we found with the assistance of Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism  screen shots on the Facebook pages of a board member of the ICM, Mosaad Rawash. They  contained  tributes to leaders of Hamas, the late blind Sheik Yassin and Dr. Rantisi, both assassinated by the IDF.  Further, when we sent Imam Bahloul and the ICM board in February 2010, a Freedom Pledge abjuring Shariah death fatwas for apostates, former Muslims, he refused to acknowledge it.  When approached by a local group in Murfreesboro in the fall of 2010 to consider a similar pledge  regarding Sharia Islamic law  concerning apostasy, treatment of women and gays he once again refused an opportunity to sign it.

Now, Imam Bahloul has every right to practice his faith with his members  of the ICM under the Freedom of Worship provisions of the First Amendment.  When Ms. Deborah Lauter, director of Civil Rights of the Anti-Defamation League was asked about the ICM board member’s support for Hamas, she said it was “irrelevant”.  What was important in her view was the ICM freedom of worship and ability under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized  Persons Act of 2000 to build a mosque wherever they wanted. The ADL backed that up by filing an Amicus Brief in the Murfreesboro Chancery Court proceedings on behalf of its Interfaith Committee on Mosques.

What’s the difference between Sharia and Halacha?

Before we go further, Shariah is not the equivalent of Halacha.  It’s not. It is a total system of law controlling every aspect of Muslim life.

Rabbi Jon Hausman of Congregation Ahavath Torah in Stoughton, Massachusetts is qualified to distinguish between the two. In addition to his Orthodox ordination, he also undertook study in Arabic and Qur’an doctrine at the American University in Cairo. He reads and speaks Arabic fluently in addition to English and Hebrew. He wrote an article for our publication, the New English Review,Halacha, Sharia and the Religious Acceptance of Constitutional Governance.  Note what Rabbi Hausman said:

In theory, Sharia jurisprudence actually intended to be applicable to Muslims only. Christians [Jews] and other non-Muslims were supposed to be exempt from the provisions of the law; a provision that is not and has never been universally followed. Indigenous Christian and Jewish populations of the Middle East whose communities pre-dated the advent of Islam by centuries later were and are subjected to jizya and other punitive taxes and dissociative treatment. This is a result of their direct or indirect refusal to submit to  Islam according the Qur’an and Hadith as applied   today. Because in Islam, Religion is State and State is Religion.  Islam is political, and is determined to conquer.

Is that the hidden agenda of ICM Imam Bahloul and his board despite their Abrahamic Faith narrative?

What did  Maimonides  warn Jews  about the Prophet Mohammed and Islam?

I’m sure  during your  rabbinic training  you read the  commentaries of Maimonides. Perhaps you may be acquainted  with his Epistle to fellow Jews in Yemen written  in 1172 C.E. to Jacob ben Netan’el al-Fayyemi, who headed the Jewish community in Yemen:

“After him arose the Madman [ha-meshugga] who emulated his precursor since he paved the way for him. But he added the further objective of procuring rule and submission, and he invented his well known religion.”

Then there is this additional comment from the  Maimonides’  Iggeret Teiman:

“Remember, my co-religionists, that on account of the vast number of our sins, G-d has hurled us in the midst of this people, the Arabs, who have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us […] Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase and hate us as much as they. Therefore when David, of blessed memory, inspired by the holy spirit, envisaged the future tribulations of Israel, he bewailed and lamented their lot only in the Kingdom of Ishmael, and prayed in their behalf, for their deliverance, as is implied in the verse, “Woe is me that I sojourn with Meschech that I dwell beside the tents of Kedar.” (Psalms 120:5).

Maimonides fled his native Cordoba during the era of the fanatic Berber Almohads who stormed across the Straits of Gibraltar to take over Al Andaluz in Muslim occupied Spain. The Almohads perpetrated some of the more heinous pogroms of Spanish Jewry. Thus, the myth of ” la convivencia ” that  medievalists  on the faculties of the Jewish Theological Seminary and your own Hebrew Union  Seminary have perpetrated is a dangerous historical delusion. After all the Alhambra predated the Almohad occupation of Spain. Maimonides had no such delusions. Neither should you.

Remember the Firebombing of your rabbinic colleague in Nashville?

A final note about the  problematic Jewish  Muslim community relations  in Nashville.   A homegrown terrorists that impacted Tennessee was the unfortunate case of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, formerly Melvin Bledsoe. Bledsoe was a Muslim convert from Memphis who killed an Army recruiter Pvt. Andy Long  in June 2009 at a Little Rock, Arkansas Mall as payback for fighting his brothers in the Muslim Ummah in Iraq and Afghanistan. Muhammad was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in July 2011. You may recall that Bledsoe/Muhammad had firebombed the home of an Orthodox member of the Nashville rabbinate, Rabbi Saul Strosberg of Sherith Israel in an attempt to kill Jews.

Then there was the incident captured on video at Vanderbilt U in a Q+A session with  Dr. Ahwad Binhazim , part time Muslim chaplain who responded to a question about treatment of gays under Shariah:

Question:  Under Islamic law is it punishable by death if you are a homosexual?”
Binhazim said, “Yes. It is punishable by death.”

We  hope this letter might  equip you for your announced trip with your congregants  to the ICM this Sunday.


MUST READ: The Gangs All Here…In Your Schools

(Editor’s note: For a partial list of Islamic gangs in Harris County suburban schools, scroll to the bottom of the post.)

“What goes through a parent’s mind upon hearing these words pertaining to the school their children attend? Parents, students and the community undoubtedly band together, perhaps showing a force at school board meetings, or PTA meetings.  All hell breaks loose at town hall meetings with parents chiding local officials that the outcome of gangs in schools will only end badly and won’t be tolerated. Parents rush to instruct their children on what colors mean, and how to avoid members of these criminal groups, and children turn the other way when approached by those defined as the gang members.  Sounds reasonable.

So why is it now gangs associated with islamists are acceptable? That’s right Islamist gangs, namely the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Muslim Youth Network of Tennessee  MYNT (formerly Muslim Youth Navigating Tennessee)

The Muslim Student Association and MYNT fall into the criminal category. Both are affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization. the MSA even being specifically named in the Muslim Brotherhood documents that were used as evidence in this countries largest terrorism financing trial in 2008 (The Holyland Foundation Trial) ( see list in Documents)

The goal of these organizations is to spread the word of Islam through Dawa ( proselytizing of islam) at any cost, using the guise of “culture” to indoctrinate and infiltrate our educational system.

Clever. But what the islamist gangs are doing is no different than the Bloods or Crips.  They draw you in with talk of making you a better person, they give a sense of belonging,  and claim they will always be there for you. They will be your provider and protector.  All very convincing, especially for those that have little or no self esteem.   But they always forget to tell you something. You must abandon your own values and morals to be part of theirs. The very foundation  our children are raised upon, is now  being dismantled, all so they can interject their ideology. Islamists are no different.

MYNT and the MSA have entered high schools across Tennessee. Why isn’t there outrage? Their goal is to steal your child away from all you have given them. A seed is being planted into their minds by islamist gangs, with the hope your child will one day convert to islam. That is the deed, that is the goal.

The Muslim Student Association has recently formed a chapter in the Martin Luther King Magnet School in Nashville, MYNT is engaging youth throughout the state by being active in community  and sporting events.

Parents are closing their eyes to the danger of the islamist gangs, partly because the danger isn’t in the form of guns and drugs.  I can think of no greater danger than  the one that islamists are presenting.  They are after our youth, our society , our values and our way of life. What greater danger is there?

Pictured members of MYNT at a MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament ) event ( all dressed in green and black)

Green is the color of Muhammed, as well as the color of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Black represents the battle flag of Muhammed


Source: http://dailyrollcall.com/2013/10/15/the-gangs-all-here-in-your-schools/

Area Public High Schools with Islamic Gangs (Klein, Cy-Fair & Fort Bend ISDs):

Klein High (Klein Islamic Thought)

Klein Oak

Cypress Lakes

Cypress Ranch

Cypress Springs

Cypress Woods

Langham Creek

Bush High School

Clements High School

Dulles High School

Kempner High School

Travis High School

Coptic Leaders Condemn Obama Adviser’s Anti-Coptic Tweets

by John Rossomando
IPT News
October 11, 2013

Major Coptic leaders are condemning Mohamed Elibiary, an Obama administration Homeland Security adviser, for suggesting that Copts who raise awareness of anti-Christian violence in Egypt promote “Islamophobic” bigotry.

Elibiary sent out a series of tweets that Coptic leaders found offensive last month. The tweets appeared to chastise the Coptic community for lobbying on behalf of their relatives in Egypt. He targeted them because they had aligned themselves with conservative groups that he called “Islamophobic.”

“VERY disturbing if true: bit.ly/18xotzi US DHS adviser accuses #Coptic #Christians of inciting Muslims! #Speechless! Pls comment!” Bishop Angaelos, Coptic Pope Tawadros II’s personal representative in the United Kingdom wrote in a Sept. 28 Twitter post.

Elibiary personally attacked Michael Meunier, president of Egypt’s al-Haya Party, two days earlier after Meunier spoke with The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) about Elibiary’s earlier offensive tweets against the Copts.

“Sad2c #Coptic @MichaelMeunier aid #Islamophobes anti US Muslim community agenda ….,” Elibiary wrote.

Meunier denounced Elibiary’s personal attack, saying the issue had nothing to do with Islamophobia – but that Elibiary threw out a straw man to protect the totalitarian Muslim Brotherhood.

“If you look at him you can definitely see that he is a sympathizer of the Brotherhood,” Meunier said. “If you are in the Brotherhood you don’t have a card. The guy put up the sign for R4BIA [on his Twitter account], a symbol for people who burn churches and kill people.”

Read the rest at http://www.investigativeproject.org/4184/coptic-leaders-condemn-obama-adviser-anti-coptic

Islamist Organizations in America

Do you want to know which Islamist organizations are influential in your area? Clarion Project has compiled the most comprehensive list of regional and national Islamist organizations – find out if one exists near you.

Islamic extremists have developed a sophisticated network of interconnected organizations across America. The following are profiles of these organizations and the people behind them. Search by state or scroll through to find your state.
The Clarion Project is constantly updating this directory. Please send them names of organizations in your state not listed and any information you may have if you suspect they may be involved in extremist activity.
To contact them, please email: Info@ClarionProject.org


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