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With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations


One Response

  1. Sorry to be late in replying.


    “[T]he film also paradoxically takes a swipe at one European minority group who stand to lose almost the most from mass Muslim immigration. It also includes a short clip of discredited, anti-Semitic politician Nick Griffin, former Member of the European Parliament and leader of the British National Party.”

    Anti-Jewish ideology is the sidekick of much White European nationalism. It hates Muslims, but also hates Jews, blaming Jewish influence for the problems, even though Muslims hate Jews as well. The movement largely takes the approach that Europe is for Europeans, and the Middle East is for Muslims, without regard for the State of Israel. If Muslims stayed over there, they’d have no issue with them. The common cause the Anglo powers have tended to feel with Israel–we’re both fighting the same people–doesn’t hit most European consciousnesses. But even in the U.S., it can be seen to some degree on sites like Vdare.com and American Renaissance (AmRen.com).

    Check into “Rock Against Communism” and a number “White Power”-type acts like Saga, Skrewdriver, etc. You might agree with much of what they say (if you’re honest and listening to actual specific thoughts), but they almost universally roll into Jewish conspiracy theories. Instead of blaming European peoples, they scapegoat the Jews. Personally, sometimes I’d hear a song or read an article by such an act, thinking they were properly activist, and then be hit by anti-Jewish or anti-War on Terror points that destroy it all. I suspect it’s that issue more than anything which has blocked a cohesive and mainstream resistance in Europe to Muslim interlopers and Leftist advances over the decades. The current invasion has created more of that cohesive resistance, but the question is, will it be enough to bring it all together?

    Other than that, the video is very good.

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