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…Four decades ago, the Frenchman Jean Raspail wrote about such human inundations in his dystopic novel, The Camp of the Saints. More recently, an astute observer here at Breitbart News picked up on the key themes of the book. So it is grimly and darkly amusing—“unamusing” is surely a better word—to see the campo dei santi scenario playing out in Italy: Pope Francis, naively good-hearted fellow that he is, works hard on his theories of “climate change,” while all around him in Italy we see the realities of demographic change.    

And so, through a politically toxic combination of myopia and ideology, the demographic invasion of Italy and Europe continues. 

Let’s look ahead a few decades: What will happen when Italy is majority Muslim? That is, when the historic accomplishments of the Italian people are just that—history? Remember the old comic book/TV series, Tales From the Crypt? Well, sometime relatively soon, there could be a new updating; call it Tales From the Crypt—of Dead Countries. This new show would include lessons in statecraft from Italy—what not to do. Yes, it would be ironic: The country that gave us the empire-builders of Rome and also the craftiness of Machiavelli would now provide the world with an object lesson in how a political regime can will itself to be destroyed.    

But as we look ahead, we can see challenges for the rest of us, even those of us in faraway North America. For example, what will be the psychic toll if and when the Muslims of Italy start defacing or destroying the cultural and artistic treasures of their new home? It’s worth noting that the cultural destruction practiced by ISIS in the Middle East is not a new phenomenon; the Muslim impulse to destroy or transform Western creations is, indeed, long-standing.  For example, when the Muslim Turks captured the Christian city of Constantinople in 1453, they not only changed the city’s name to Istanbul, but they also converted the majestic Hagia Sophia church into a mosque.     

So it could happen to Rome, and if it did, it would put a hole in the heart of every Christian….    


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