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Geert Wilders: I Won’t Stop Warning the West About Islam

by Matthew Vadum


….It is incredibly dangerous for Western countries to continue accepting large numbers of Muslims, Wilder said.

“We should immediately stop the immigration from Islamic countries. And people who are already in our societies and who keep to our laws, our constitutions, who assimilate our values are welcome to stay, as equal as anybody else. But to those who don’t, to those who commit crimes, to those who want to act according to Shariah law, to those who wish jihad, I say you are not welcome and we should send them all packing.”

Countries in Europe have already been accommodating themselves to the waves of Muslim immigration. Instead of making the immigrants adopt the language and culture of their adopted countries, those countries are changing themselves to make Muslims feel more comfortable. This makes no sense, Wilders argued.

“There is more than enough jihad, there is more than enough Islam already in our societies,” he said. “The less jihad, the less Islam the better. It is as simple as that.”

Muslims are having a dramatic impact on Europe, according to Wilders.

“Islamization, my dear friends, has progressed much further in Europe than in the United States,” he said. “Mohammed is currently the second-most common name among newborn boys in the Netherlands. And Mohammed is in Great Britain already the most popular name.”

“We have to stop the mass immigration to the West from Islamic countries,” he said. “Priority number one. And we have to get rid of this disease called cultural relativism. Our priorities must be the safety of our own countries.”

Wilders mocked multiculturalists.

“The liberal and leftist elites adhere to the stupid politically correct view that all cultures are equal. That’s why we are in such a big mess today. And I say stop this nonsense.”

“Our Judeo-Christian culture is far superior to Islam and we should not be afraid to say so,” Wilders said to loud applause. We must be “proud of our civilization which is the best civilization on our earth.”

“We must repeat the truth about Islam over and over again,” Wilders said.

“Never ever be ashamed for speaking the truth. We should do it so often and so loud that our leaders, whether it’s my own prime minister or your President Obama, will hear it — the less Islam the better because we stand for liberty and because we want to safeguard our freedoms.”….



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  1. Where you have whole Countries striving for a better life for themselves, their kids and their Country you have termites coming in the name of Islam, in the U.S there is a President who systematically destroys the culture and uses victimization of those down and out saying they need a fair shot, government must pour in billions to lift up those in need but the failures of Liberal/Socialist/Islamic systems never work, with Islam included with Hussein nothing good comes with it, once he is gone and forgotten his Islamic appointees will have to be purged. A focus to lift up America’s Military technological mite will enhance the remedy for Islam which is extermination wherever it lifts its head.

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