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Persecution of Yazidis

by Haider Elias

On August 3, 2014, the “Islamic State” jihadist group began a campaign to exterminate the Yazidi religious community in northern Iraq. As documented by the UNOHCHR, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and others. The Islamic state militants killed about 7,000 Yazidis men, women, and children, for no reason other than their non-muslim faith. This includes the abduction of thousands of Yazidi women and girls for the purpose of forced religious conversion, forced marriage, and sexual slavery.  This ISIS campaign against the Yazidis was preplanned by the group and consulted with the Caliphate of the Islamic State Abu Baker Al Baghdadi, stating that it is shame on Islam to let such Religious community live among Muslim community without killing them or converting them to Islam. These groups kill systematically members of ethnic and religious minorities, such as Yazidis and Christians and get away with it for a number of years now. Those who do not share their interpretation of religion and anyone who opposes their apocalyptic conception are simply faced with persecution.

Yazda Organization volunteers have collected the names of approximately 5,000 abducted Yazidis so far, many of whom were able to confirm their abduction in interviews by mobile phone. The majority of these are women/girls. Survivors and eyewitnesses report that abducted women are distributed among ISIL fighters, bought and sold, and routinely subjected to rape and sexual violence. ISIL itself has confirmed these practices in its official publication, Dabiq.

The world needs to stand up against such barbaric extremist, radical Islamic groups, in order to save the future generations from such Bizarre law called “Sharia Law”; the law of beheading, raping, and polygyny that violates women`s rights. Unfortunately, we have a president who denies that these radical groups are even Islamic, and instead he attacks the Christians, and blames them for what crusaders had done a thousand years ago.

For more information, see Yazda.org

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