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The Only Strategy to Defeat Jihad

By Jonathan David Carson

An imam on British television taught me more in a few minutes than any of the books I have read on Islam, some of them quite instructive. After railing at Israel and America, the imam smiled knowingly and said that if God did not want those skyscrapers to fall, he wouldn’t have let airplanes fly into them. I almost shouted, “Then I guess God wants Palestinians to suffer, or else he wouldn’t let Israelis do all those awful things you say they do!”

I hear endless lamentations about our not having a strategy to defeat “Islamic extremism” or whatever the day’s euphemism is. The cynic in me says that what we really need is to get rid of our strategy of helping the Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs in Iran. But if we have to have a strategy, here it is.

We blow some ISIS bastard to smithereens and shout, “Allahu Akbar!” We take out Iran’s nuclear reactors and say, “If Allah wanted Iran to have a nuclear bomb, he wouldn’t have dropped those bunker-busters.”

Islam holds that there are no “secondary causes,” that is, that God never acts indirectly, by means of natural law, but always directly, willing everything that happens. Fine, then, let secondary causes, cruise missiles, for instance, or rifle bullets, kill as many of our enemies as it takes for them to have to come to their senses. Make them believe that Allah is killing them. Make them believe it for so long that they stop believing the absurd promise that heaven is full of beautiful virgins waiting lustfully for their smelly carcasses. Tell them over and over again that Allah is killing them, and doing it directly, without intermediaries, such as drone pilots or Marine snipers, and they will just want a drink.

Franklin Roosevelt said that the Doolittle Raid was launched from Shangri-La. That’s the idea. We won that war.

People frequently make the mistake of thinking that Islam is like Christianity, only different. They are opposites.

Christianity thrives under adversity. What’s killing Christianity is comfort and ease. Christianity is for people in trouble. Judaism too.

Islam thrives on success….

.…Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but Islam is a terrorist religion.  Mohammed was a mass murderer and child molester, and devout Muslims have been following his example ever since.  As long as there is Islam, there will be “Islamic extremists.” 

The only way to get rid of Islamic extremism is to get rid of Islam, and it can be done.  Several times Islam has been near collapse, only to be rescued by infidels.  The Great Powers of the West, more fearful of each other than of Islam, rescued it in hopes of using it against their European enemies.  During the Cold War, Russians and Americans tried to turn the Islamic world against each other.  Now both live in fear of it.

Islam will collapse in reverse order.  One victory led to another and another and another.  One defeat will lead to another and another until either some Obama rescues it or it collapses.  The no secondary causes doctrine works only on the way up.

The reason we lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that we don’t know our enemies — or anybody else for that matter.  We think that we have to “win the hearts and minds” of Muslims.  That is insane.  No Iraqi or Afghan is going to fight for us.  They will fight for themselves, some of them.  Afghans will not fight for America; they might fight to protect themselves from the Taliban.

We don’t have to be liked or even respected.  Afghans have to be brave enough to fight for freedom.  We can help them be brave by killing some of their enemies.  The Muslim god is an illusion, American military might is real.

Do not in your arrogance think that Afghan villagers are so much less intelligent than we are that it is impossible for them to grasp the obvious: Allah cannot protect the Taliban from determined Americans.  Afghans are like anyone else: they want to be on the winning side.  So don’t lose.

Squeamishness means death all around, even death for our enemies.  Wait until a nuclear weapon goes off in an American city, or the anti-Semites have their way and Israel is on the brink of destruction.  That is when you will see real death of Muslims, deaths of millions or tens of millions. 

The issue is how many Muslims we will have to kill.  The liberals would have us kill more, far more, than is necessary.  We could kill a billion Muslims on a lazy afternoon.  We don’t do it because we are not killers, not because we can’t.  They, on the other hand, would kill a billion of us if they could.  They just can’t.

The more we wring our hands and say we are weary, the more we praise Islam without any real knowledge of it or any intention to obey its cruel rules, the more we temporize, the more we pride ourselves on our compassion and understanding, the more Muslims will die.

Obama is presenting a false American face to the Islamic world, which is getting the idea that Americans are just a bunch of European weenies, just when Europeans giving up on being weenies.  We are not “war weary”; we are weary of wars we lose.  Even if we win, we lose, as when we put in place a regime in Iraq more beholden to Iran than to us or a regime in Afghanistan no one should have to live under.

Obama is not America, as Muslims are going to find out.  The sooner, the better.



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