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An anti-Valentine's Day rally in Pakistan, the country where around 1000 honor killings occur each year.

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us once again, but it is no bed of roses for Muslims who wish to celebrate. The holiday is viewed as a sinful Western invention which goes against the “morality” of Islam.

In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, the “religious police” do their best to keep the public in line and will make arrests when necessary. Last year, for example, five men were arrested and sentenced to 32 years in prison and 4500 lashes for holding a Valentine’s Day party with women who were not related to them. (One would hope they would not be related!) The party involved drinking and- gasp!- dancing.

The strict Saudi culture which separates men and women was highlighted in an article on Asian Image last month which detailed the account of a British national who temporarily moved to Saudi Arabia for work. The man is apparently Muslim according to the context of the article- (“For my family, Saudi Arabia is the ultimate. It is the height of piety. They couldn’t have been happier that I had gotten a job out there. They were so proud.”)

Yet Saudi Arabia was not at all what he expected. Instead of a “deeply religious” atmosphere, the man got the shock of his life when repeatedly propositioned by gay men.

“Almost immediately I was made to feel uncomfortable. Every evening I was approached by various men. It was always men in their 50s.

“They would ask me if I wanted to go swimming with them, or if I wanted to go up to their room for a chat.

“I admit I was so naïve. I actually thought they wanted a ‘chat.’”

According to the man’s colleague, this was completely normal, a by-product of keeping women off-limits to men.

“My colleague was really direct. He told me, ‘You can be gay pretty openly here. It’s the weirdest paradox. If you are seen with a woman, it’s blatantly contravening the law. But no one blinks twice if you are having dinner with a man, or going into a hotel with a man.”

Sodomy may be punishable by death in Muhammad’s birthplace, but these men do not consider themselves to be gay, according to the article, and “in their minds, they are fulfilling a natural human need,” the man explained.

“It’s like prison culture, in that they have no choice but to have sex with other men. It’s just a physical act; it’s not about being ‘gay.’”

Something is seriously wrong with a society that is so sexually deprived, men are forced to engage in homosexual activity, even when not naturally inclined to go in that direction. Contact with women is so forbidden that the country is “like prison” and the highly “religious” restrictions are inadvertently producing a behavior viewed so sinful in Islam that it is punishable by death.

The constant harassment from these sexually frustrated men was too much for the British national who was set to stay in Saudi Arabia for one year but left after only six weeks.

This Islamic condemnation of Valentine’s Day and gender separation are meant to keep people moral and ensure that they behave, but the real result does not match the intention. Last year I wrote about the hypocrisy in condemning Valentine’s Day and calling Western society immoral while more Muslim sex grooming cases are uncovered, along with the Muslim obsession with internet porn, despicable treatment of women in Islam (like the average of 5000 honor killings each year) and other sinful sexual behavior like pedophilia…

…So Allah “is angry with the Jews”, the Christians “are astray”, and we’re all immoral. Yet Fox News reported in 2010, that Pakistan was the world leader in online searches for pornographic material, while it bans websites that are considered offensive or blasphemous.

“Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for ‘horse sex’ since 2004, ‘donkey sex’ since 2007, ‘rape pictures’ between 2004 and 2009, ‘rape sex’ since 2004, ‘child sex’ between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, ‘animal sex’ since 2004 and ‘dog sex’ since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.

“The country also is tops — or has been No. 1 — in searches for ‘sex,’ ‘camel sex,’ ‘rape video,’ ‘child sex video’ and some other searches that can’t be printed here.”

Pakistan is not alone. Of the top 10 countries searching for pornographic sites, six were Muslim. Egypt was number two, joined by Iran, Morocco, the ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia and Turkey. And Arabic is the 2nd most common language that is used to search for “gay sex.” It’s the number one language for searches involving “sexy.”More statistics here.

Keeping things in perspective, while Muslims scream out of one side of their mouths about Valentine’s Day being taboo and immoral (and even pornographic), their tongues are hanging out of the other side as they look at Internet porn.

Not all Muslims agree however. Pakistani Muslim Mohammad Jibran Nasir wrote a piece in 2013, condemning the condemnations. According to Nasir, the banning of Valentine’s Day has more to do with the anti-American sentiment than with religion. He writes, “Ironically except for F-16 every single import from America or the West in general is looked at with contempt and hate even if it is a love filled day like Valentine’s day.”

Indeed. Any opportunity the Muslim Ummah has to bash the West is readily seized. Valentine’s Day is no different. Well, let them point their fingers and assume the “moral high ground” while we retrogrades, who believe in the principles of the 10 Commandments, enjoy our special dinners, our flowers and our boxes of chocolates.


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