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Jihad in France: It’s Just Beginning

by Guy Millière

…The event gathered nearly four million people, but seeing in it a mobilization against terrorism, jihad and anti-Semitism would be a mistake. Leaders of “anti-Zionist” left-wing organizations that support Hamas were present. Ministers of states financing jihadist terrorism, and even genocide,were also there.

The Ambassador of Saudi Arabia attended, shortly after his nation had just finished flogging Raif Badawi, a young Saudi blogger accused of “insulting Islam,” with the first fifty lashes of his sentence of 1000 lashes plus 10 years in prison, for practicing the most gentle free speech. Badawi is now being flayed alive — “very severely,” the lashing order said. He has 950 lashes to go.

Turkey, which hosts part of the leadership of the genocidal Hamas organization, was there. Turkey has also jailed more journalists than any other country, including Iran and China.

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of a Palestinian unity government, which includes Hamas and directly supports jihadist terrorism as well as genocide, was at the forefront — smiling. Binyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, was initially not invited. He came anyhow. French officials let him know that he was not welcome and not to speak. He spoke anyhow. As a sign of disapproval, French officials left the Grand Synagogue of Paris during the ceremony for the dead Jews, before Netanyahu’s speech.

The President of the populist National Front, Marine Le Pen, was also not included. She is silent. She is sure a coming explosion will happen, and that she will receive more votes.

The slogans in the demonstration spoke of “free speech” and the need to “live together.” Signs saying “I am Charlie” were everywhere. Signs saying “I am a Jew” [“Je suis Juif”] were rare. No signs or slogans mentioned jihad or the need to combat jihad or terrorism: the watchword was that these subjects should be shunned. No signs or slogan mentioned anti-Semitism or the real cause of jihadist attacks: caricatures of Mohammed, considered by Koranic law to be blasphemous. Those subjects had to be abandoned.

Few French Muslims came — the tiniest drop in a huge ocean — and the television cameras immediately homed in on them. They were interviewed and stated their only concern: “Avoid stigmatization of the Muslim community!”

Prime Minister Manuel Valls had told journalists he was “afraid” for Muslims. Two days later — and only two days later — on January 13, he said that “France is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islam.” He added immediately that one of his priorities was to fight mercilessly against “Islamophobia.”

Emergency decisions were taken. Ten thousand soldiers were deployed throughout the nation. Military patrols were placed at the entrance of Jewish sites and mosques. A few Muslims who shouted “Long live Coulibaly” or “Long live the Kouachi brothers” were arrested.

Debates in the media were organized around ethereal questions: “How to build a ‘French Islam'”, “how to explain that Islam is peaceful,” “how better to integrate Muslims.”

Anyone who knows Islam and knows of the existence of the internet also knows that “French Islam” does not exist, and that Islam in France cannot be separated from Islam as it is everywhere else.

Anyone who watches television and sees what is happening in many Muslim countries has to be doubting that Islam is peaceful. Most Muslim “experts” invited to speak are familiar with Islam, familiar with the internet and familiar with what is going on in many Muslim countries — but they lie. Almost all of them are militants, imams, Muslim scholars. Most of them are members of Islamic organizations. Many belong to the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the French have just obligingly given them a platform….


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