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‘Muslims Love the Messenger Muhammad More Than Their Parents, Children and Even Themselves!’


…Question: Why do Muslims get so bent out of shape with challenges to their prophet (apart from the obvious answer of the Koran commanding death for those who do)? An answer: the historicity of Mohammed will not stand up to scholarly scrutiny. Islam has to threaten everyone with death who would reveal that the Koran is a Pagan imitation of monotheism that plagiarizes and reinvents Christian and Jewish ideas. One of the ideas that most irritates stealth Jihadists is the one argued in Robert Spencer’s Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure OriginsIn a nutshell: Islam is just a made-up religion manufactured as a way to try and unify the Arabian empire.



…Is this blog post “hate speech”? Yes, it is. We need to start defending both the right and the necessity to hate evil. I hate the myth of Mohammed and all the pain it has brought for Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, and Pagans throughout history. We have to stand up and say that if we truly love Muslim people — as the God of the Bible calls us to do — then we need tohate the ideas that are oppressing them. Love people and love God, do not love ideas and images.

If you truly love people then you must hate evil ideas. When freedom is attacked, as it was again today, this is the call and the mantra we need to rebut it with:

rebellion to tyrants



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