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Does Dhimmitude in Denmark Describe Our Destiny?

By Carol Brown

….On top of that, we’ve got Americans fighting for ISIS and then returning home. So far, there is no consequence. No penalty. No downside for their traitorous act. In fact, FBI Director James Comey, just said in a 60 Minutes interview that they are “entitled” to return home. Despite his statement that the FBI is keeping track of these savages (my word, not his), there is evidence that suggests this will not be possible or sustainable.

Where is the chorus of voices screaming to put an end to this madness as the United States heads down Denmark’s path?

Of course there are no voices, save a random few here and there. We’ve got an Islamaphile sitting in the Oval Office (and that’s putting it politely), a Democratic Party in bed with Islamists who seek the collapse of America, a Republican Party that is only marginally better, a public that is woefully uniformed, and a growing population of Muslims.

Some say Muslims are not the problem; that Islam is the problem. But that’s ridiculous. That’s like saying Nazis are not the problem. Nazism is.

Yes, we’re fighting an Islamic totalitarian ideology. But only because there are people following its teachings. And those people are Muslims.

And while some Muslims seem to be relatively secular; while some probably haven’t even read the Koran; and while some appear to have peaceful impressions of the teachings in the Koran, it matters little. Because the Koran says what it says. As Daniel Greenfield writes: “When we argue that Islam is a religion of peace, we are pushing against the full weight of over a thousand years of history and religious ideas and counting on Muslims to be too ignorant of them to know any better.”

So where do we go from here?

I have no magic answers. Only this:

Speak out and educate others.

Talk to family, friends, and neighbors. Don’t give up. The topic of Islamic terror is in the news every day. Seize upon this moment and persist in efforts to enlighten those who are in the dark.

Talk to leaders in your place of worship. Help them, and fellow congregants, understand the imminent threat we are facing – that no one will be spared.

Contact media outlets and urge them to stop inviting members of Muslim Brotherhood front groups onto their programs. These clean cut, neatly dressed, soft-spoken representatives are evil tied up in a pretty bow. They are pure deception.

Contact your elected officials at all levels of government and urge them to speak out. Most of them are uninformed and need to be educated….


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