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Heavily Shackled Humanity

by Alexander Maistrovoy

…President Obama made another revelation recently, claiming that ISIS “speaks for no religion”.  According to John Kerry, ISIS does not represent “the face of Islam”. It is not their personal opinion. Respected professors, journalists, columnists, philosophers from Paris to San Francisco share this view. They really want to believe in it, otherwise the idea that true evil comes from the West only, and the Islamic movement is no more than a form of “national struggle of the oppressed people”, becomes meaningless.

Unfortunately, ISIS is pure, uncomplicated Islam in its most genuine, original form.

Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, is religion that interprets the divine revelation literally; they believe that the fulfillment of God’s laws is the only way to perfection, salvation and harmony.

God in all of these religions is anthropomorphic, omnipotent and immanent. Like a father, He is strict and at the same time fair to His children; He knows their every step and judges them according to His laws. He may be jealous, merciful, rigid, compassionate and solicitous. He can reveal his face and can conceal it, but the believer doesn’t have any other option except to believe that the Father on Heaven cares about him no matter what.
His laws are irreversible.

His will determines everything and everyone: tasks of a government, relations between the ruler and his subjects, punishments for crimes, individual freedoms, gender relations and the state of minorities, public aid to the weak and feeble.

Human intervention in Divine instructions is blasphemy which inevitably results in a severe punishment. Moreover, the followers of fundamentalist religions are inclined to believe in “conspiracies of evil”.

Time and misery, humanistic ideal and rational thinking have changed the nature of religions, but not Islam. Muslims were never and aren’t aware of their own blind hatred and fanaticism, they are not appalled by these, they’ve never undergone a catharsis which will allow them to look inside themselves.

Islam has never known reflections, doubts and spiritual dissatisfaction, as prophetic Judaism in the epoch of Judges and Kings, or Christianity. Movements of spiritual protest, as the Essenes were in Jewish history, or Waldenses, Cathars and Hussites in medieval Europe, were unfamiliar to Islam. It is proud of its own perfection, immutability, monumentality.

It strives to expansion, which is prescribed by the Qur’an and Hadith. Religious commandments and regulations of Islam are neither a choice nor an allegory. These are literal and undeniable Divine commandments: very specific and covering the areas of human existence to full extent…..

…It is only in our time of neo-Marxist clichés and naivete that Islam could be called “a religion of peace.” Philosophers and historians of Enlightenment and 19th century, unlike our contemporaries, were not hypocrites.

David Hume described the Quran as an “absurd performance” of a “pretended prophet” who lacked “a just sentiment of morals”. Voltaire called Muhammad “the founder of a false and barbarous sect” and “a false prophet”. Helvetius wrote that Islam dreamed to conquer the world “by fire and sword”. Alexis de Tocqueville: “I studied the Koran a great deal … I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad”.

The Church historian Philip Schaff: “Mohammedanism conquered the fairest portions of the earth by the sword and cursed them by polygamy, slavery, despotism and desolation; the moving power of Islam was fanaticism and brute force”. Ernest Renan called Islam “the heaviest chains which have ever shackled humanity”.

Escapism has always been inherent in people. But it has never manifested itself with such power on the scale of an entire civilization as we witness today..


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