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Islamism’s existential threat, and Western chaos

by Robin Mitchinson



It is just possible that our leaders recognise that there is now an existential threat to the West, both external and internal. What is happening in Iraq needs to be understood. ISIS is not a terrorist movement. It is an army that means to seize and  hold territory, create a new state that will roll back history to the 7th Century and enforce adherence to the most rigorous form of primitive Islam.

Its atrocities have been horrendous, but this is not just the barbaric behaviour of  savages; it is deliberately calculated to spread panic and terror amongst the opposition. This is why they have flooded the internet with pictures of horrors rarely seen since WW2.

Small wonder that Iraqi soldiers scarpered at the first whiff of powder and shot when they contemplated being summarily beheaded if caught. And western leaders must have pondered on what the media would make of pictures of decapitated US marines or RAF helicopter pilots.

The situation needs statesmanship. It is not getting it.

Prime Minister David Cameron has no clout due not least to his incomprehensible slashing of the defence budget whilst increasing foreign aid by a staggering 38 percent. In any event, Britain has no coherent foreign policy as is witnessed by Liberal Democrat leading light Vince Cable’s mischief-making declaration that there could be an arms ban on Israel in direct contradiction of Britain’s long-standing support for the Jewish state and its right to defend itself….

…Those countries at risk must recognise that they must not only defeat IS; they must destroy it completely with utter ruthlessness.

The ability of IS to put the West in harm’s way has the potential to be the greatest danger since 9/11. It is not Al Qaeda. It’s strategy is unlikely to be to cause the occasional atrocity for the sake of some inchoate Islamic Dawn.

We don’t much appreciate the vulnerability and fragility of the modern state. A single mortar bomb discharged from the back of a van into an operational area of Heathrow could bring it to a standstill for days. A bomb on a main water installation would be damaging to thousands. IED spaced along a motorway could cause extensive traffic chaos.

A 400 lb bomb carried in a cargo container under the Channel Tunnel would bring the roof down. Far-fetched? Scare-mongering? Well, we must hope so.

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