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Haters gotta hate; Israel still lives! (With al Qaeda update)

July 25, 2014  –  International Day of Al-Quds

From Arab Voices website: “Al-Quds Day is a day of solidarity with the oppressed innocent civilian Palestinians in their struggle against the racist oppressive Zionist-Apartheid system of Israel and a day of protest against the occupation of the grand historic Al-Aqsa Mosque by the Zionist regime. (What a joke. –ed.) Al-Quds Day also extends beyond Palestine to support all innocent and oppressed people in their struggles across the world. All over the world seminars, rallies and marches are held on this day, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan in order to pledge solidarity with those seeking peace through justice.”

Take note: Israel is the ONLY middle eastern country in which Arabs/Muslims are fully free. From the Jewish Virtual Library: ”

“Israel is one of the most open societies in the world. Out of 5.6 million people, nearly 1.1 million-19 percent of the population-are non­ Jews (815,000 Muslims, 163,000 Christians and 96,000 Druze).

Arabs in Israel have equal voting rights; in fact, it is one of the few places in the Middle East where Arab women may vote. Today women hold 9 of the 120 Knesset seats. Eleven Arabs and one Druze are in the current Knesset. Israeli Arabs have also held various government posts, including one who served as Israel’s Consul­General in Atlanta. Arabic, like Hebrew, is an official language in Israel.

Today, more than 200,000 Arab children attend Israeli schools. At the time of Israel’s founding, there was but a single Arab high school in the country. Today, there are hundreds of Arab schools.

The sole legal distinction between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel is that the latter are not required to serve in the Israeli army. This was to spare Arab citizens the need to take up arms against their brethren…”

flagwritingHouston rally

naziSuch lovely people.

freepallyHistoric ignoramuses, or liars?

summercampPalestinian child abuse                   Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


Proud young Muslim men              Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


The Muslim crowd was very large- well over a thousand people   Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


Remember, this is July- very hot, well over 90 degrees, humid, and these ladies were fasting for Ramadan, no water for them. Yet they wrapped themselves up in multiple layers, long sleeves, scarves around their heads and shoulders.  A shocking lack of common sense.


Little children are indoctrinated into this cult of hate.


What kind of man lets his wife and daughter suffer in such inappropriate clothing?




Here’s a clue for you, lady. Stop sending rockets into Israel, stop digging tunnels for the purpose of terrorizing Jews, stop kidnapping and killing Jews- and there wouldn’t be 800+ dead.                  Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


Lots of police on horseback on the Palestinian side. None needed on the Israel side.


A young woman from the Palestinian side ran across Westheimer to the Israel side several times to taunt the Israel supporters, flipping the bird and saying “F**k you! F**k you guys!” Her mother must be so proud!



From our friend Eddie Gallegos, on facebook: 


“The black flag of al Qaeda. This is a cropped shot of the last cropped shot. Notice the guy in the middle, the one with the black t-shirt. Look just below his face. See the Arabic script. That is the black flag of al Qaeda. He held itabove the heads of the two people in front of him. When I crossed the street and looked in his direction, he slowly lowered it. I can’t say it’s because he noticed my gear, but I can say he seemed to have gotten spooked by something or someone. I searched for him several times but could not find him.

So there you have it. An AQ sympathizer among a crowd of ‘peaceful’ protesters.”


The pro-Gaza, pro-Hamas, pro-terror side was very strident, very hateful in their speeches and chants. It was the same old, same old: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” “Free, free Palestine”, and so forth. What do they want? A world free of Jews. They are born and bred to hate Jews.

Things were different on the Israel side. There was Israeli music and dancing, and chants of “Hamas! No mas!”.


Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


Supporter of Israel                                      Photo credit Eddie Gallegos


Truth                                          Photo credit Eddie Gallegos

westandPhoto credit Eddie Gallegos




The pro Israel side also had a very large crowd.



Photo credit Eddie Gallegos

Bottom line: The terrorists in Gaza must stop sending rockets into Israel. They must stop building tunnels for the purpose of terror. They must stop kidnapping, torturing and killing Jews.  If they could live in peace, Israel would not be forced to go to war against them.

And finally, from photographer Eddie Gallegos, a video:


10 Responses

  1. Theodor Herzl – Father of Zionism – Born in Budapest, Hungary

    All Prime Ministers

    David Ben Gurion – First Prime Minister of Israel born in Poland (Israel’s founding father and the executive head of world Zionist organization)
    Moshe Sharett – Second Prime minister of Israel born in born in Russian Empire – Present day Ukraine
    Levi Eshkol – Third Prime minister of Israel born in born in Russian Empire – Present day Ukraine
    Golda Meir – Fourth Prime Minister of Israel born in Russian Empire – Present day Ukraine
    Yitzhak Rabin – 5th Prime minister of Israel. His parents are Ukrainians.
    Menachem Begin – 6th prime minister of Israel born in Russian empire (now Belarus)
    Yitzhak Shamir – 7th prime minister of Israel born in Russian empire (now Belarus)
    Shimon Peres – Twice Prime minister and 9th president of Israel born in Wiszniew, Poland now Belarus.
    Ehud Olmert – Another prime minister of Israel whose parents were from Ukraine.
    Ehud Barak – Ex prime minister of Israel whose parents were from Lithuania (Russian Empire)
    Ariel Sharon – Prime minister of Israel whose parents were from Georgia.
    Benjamin Netanyahu – Current prime minister of Israel whose father was from Warsaw, Russian Empire

    All Presidents:

    Chaim Azriel Weizmann – First president, Zionist leader, president of Zionist organization was born in Russian empire (now Belarus)
    Yitzhak Ben-zvi – 2nd president born in Russian empire (now Ukraine)
    Zalman Shazar – 3rd President born in Russian empire (now Belarus)
    Ephraim Katzir – 4th president born in Kiev, Russian Empire (Now Ukraine)
    Yitzhak Navon – 5th president (first to be born in Israel) but he descended from Spanish jews settled in Turkey.
    Chaim Herzog – 6th president was born in Ireland.
    Ezer Weizman – 7th president was the nephew of first president Chaim Weizman (Ukrainian origin)
    Moshe Katsav – 8th president was born in Yazd, Iran

    How is it their land when either they or their parents were born and lived in Europe….

    • more lies
      The last 4 Israeli PM have been born locally
      Where their parents are from makes no difference
      Israel is only 66 years old, of course earlier PMs would be born before a county’s independence . That makes no difference.
      As an example all US Presidents before 1837 were not born as US citizens – it didnt make Washington; Adams; Jefferson; Madison; Monroe; JQ Adams or Jackson illegitimate Presidents, nor did it mkae them unsuitable to lead.

      By your same argument – that robbing hypocrite arafat – (also a warmonger just like his pedophile prophet mohammed) was born in Cairo to Egyptian parents – he had no right to represent the palestinians.

      At no time ever has there been a free country called palestine; no language; no culture; no coinage.
      Contrast that to Israel – the home of the Jewish people – an independent country now, as it was 3,000 yeas ago (which was 23 centuries before mohammed forced his tribal cult of a theocracy called islam on the world resulting in at least 270 million slaughtered in tis name)

      Israel has its own language; culture; coinage and history.
      Every attempt by you Jew-haters to discredit Israel’s historic roots to that land will fail under any measure of historical; archeological; anthropological; spiritula and theological fact.

      What you are spouting is centuries old koran inspired Jew-hatred.
      We know your game and it wont work on this website
      I am happy to dialogue with you on FACTs, or even opinion based around facts, but I will not dialog with you if you are spewing lies, hatred and untruths.
      It’s called taqiyya and we know that game too.

      • What a load of BS …Are you living on food stamps….what kind of garbage is in your mind?

        I am trying to show that people born in Europe stole Palestinian land….What right do the Europeans have on Palestinian land….If Jews lived there in majority since 3000 years when why didn’t a single local Jew became Israel’s leader…….Open your mind and analyze truth or is there BS in it which doesn’t allow you to think….

        Who is saying Arafat was a right man….He was trying to sell off Palestine but still the criminal Zionists poisoned him for God knows what reason….

        Palestine was always there and it will always be there. The majority of the world recognizes it except the Zionist regime and its slave regimes…Palestinians will get their freedom one and and the world will be free of Zionists…..you just keep rolling in your hatred.

      • total nonsense

        no supporter of the genocidal maniacs hamas ever denied that Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan has the right to exist – or Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey etc. – yet those lands were clearly stolen from Zoroastrians, Christians and Buddhists to be run by muslims who were not locally born.

        Stop with the “no local Jews” crap – I have debunked that time and again and demonstrated that other countries have a similar timelag from Independence to local born leader – thats mathematics and if you cant get that simple concept I cant help you. I thought your lot were supposed to have invented mathematics so that should be easy for you – oops! sorry! – I forgot – mathematics was an idea you stole from the Indians

        Araft was poisoned ? – Who knew ? I thought it was syphilis caught from his many under=age boyfriends (gosh – robber, thief, warmonger, intolerant Jew-hater and pedophile – just like his prophet mohammed)

        Actually the French dug his sorry ass up and found nothing – you must have got that idea from too much Jew-hating hamas TV (or was it the protocols ?)

        You then say “The majority of the world recognizes Palestine” as in independent State – name one country that is not a member of the bigoted shariah implementing OIC who does ? I’ll wait.

        You close by saying that the “world will be free of Zionists”

        Sounds peaceful. Not. Yet you accuse me of hatred.

        You are funny. Or pathetic. Or both. Peaceful and rational you are not. Jew-hater you are

        Remember – I know that you know that this is not about land and it never has been

      • That was the age of Barbarism, when one group captured land from other group but after the UN was formed that was suppose to stop. British Empire installed the Saudi dictators over the region, who always have sponsored terrorism. In this age Zionist are committing the acts of barbarism and they feel no one will be able to stop them.

        Zionism is just a 150 year old concept. European Ashkenazi Jews wanted to illegally confiscate a country, which they are doing till date. Go and read your history as to how Israel was formed. There was only 300 Jews in that area in late 1800s and due to initial illegal immigration by 1930 only 10% of the population were Jews and the illegal immigration is being continued till this date. The problem is the apartheid system and the racist attitude and the mentality to keep stealing land. France and Canada are infested and infected by Zionism and sadly America too. I am not an ARAB… FYI or middle eastern….

        All this is about the injustice and racist attitude of Zionists…

        If you don’t know ….Zion is Nazi….Zionism is Nazism in disguise..

        You are not seeing what is just and right in your blind love for the oppressive regime of Israel…

        Even a country like India voted against Israel and all South American and African countries do the same….you just keep hating and burn in your hatred of truth….

  2. You are back with you hateful lies….

    Israel is an illegal entity. That is the truth that majority of the world acknowledges and No country in this world recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    Where was Israel prior to 1947. Where was the father of Zionism (Theodre Herzl) born? If he was born in Hungary then why is the Zionist agenda to make Palestine their homeland?

    If Jews were always there in the land of Palestine or Israel prior to 1947, then why didn’t a single local Jew ever became its Prime Minister or President. All Israeli presidents and prime ministers till date are European Ashkenazi Jews.

    Like I told before, if I imprison you and terrorize you in your own home, what will you do. Will you not retaliate? That is what Hamas is doing.

    I saw the funny boards that Zionists carried in the protests, trying to targets kids as being evil and why kids and women should be bombed, which shows how evil their mentality was. Isn’t it evil to try and convey to the world that bombing kids is good? That was what Zionists were doing in their rally.

    Mother Mary had her head covered all her life. Look at any statue or picture of her and you will find her in full clothes with her head covered. She lived in the hot middle east without any Air conditioning and still she wore modest clothes. You are saying that what Muslims women wear is bad, when they wear what Mother Mary wore thousands of years ago and you are trying to say that the half nude Zionist dancing is a much better way women should be projected. They were dancing and rejoicing the killing of women and kids…how shameful….

    In the recent incident…Israel created a false flag to kill the peace talks and to kill the unity government of Palestine. The current bombing is insane and cannot be justified.

    In the latest UN resolution the entire world with a huge majority voted against Israel and all Europe abstained the only power to vote for Israel is unfortunately the US (funded and backed by AIPAC)…..

    Zionism is Nazism….The Zionist entity called Israel is facing its last days that is why all this frustration is being shown by them…

    • hahahahaha – Syed – no lies here – just reporting on events as they happened
      It is actually your comments that are untruthful
      Israel is not an illegal entity – it is a sovereign country recognized by the rest of the world, even the Jew-hating UN !!
      Perhaps the rest of the world recognizes Israel is the FACT that Jews have lived there in an unbroken chain going back 3,000 plus years.
      Centuries before mohammed began his lying, warmongering, thieving, intolerant theocracy.
      14 centuries of islamic Jew-hatred tells us this is not about land and it never has been.
      In any war between the civilized man and the savage support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad

      • Civilized monsters killing women and babies……

        Jews were never there in majority…..any mainstream media or history book will tell you that….You are illiterate I guess…you didn’t read what I wrote…all Ashkenazi Zionists moved there from Europe…Never in Israel’s history did a local Jew, born in Israel became its PM or President….you have been exposed…you are a liar of highest grade….

      • Syed more deceit and lies from you I see

        Current Israeli PM was born in Tel Aviv which makes him local, as was the one before him, and the one before him, and the one before him So the last 4 PM were local Jews – your lies are transparent and an epic fail.

        Your reluctance to admit that this is really about Jew hatred as mandated in your koran and not about land exposes you as a peddler of taqiyya – lying to further the cause of islam.

        We can see through your perpetual rage and deceit for what it is – intolerant hatred as preached by your prophet who was a perpetually enraged; illiterate; intolerant; thieving warmonger who hated Jews.

      • Is this (lying and misrepresentation of facts) what you do for a living…..I heard your Zionists pay you well for this….hasbara troll..

        Out of 15…just the last 4 …is that what you got…

        Current PM, Netanyahoo’s father was born in Poland ….later he illegally entered Palestine and gave birth to Satan-yahoo in 1949…

        The PM before Netanyahoo, Ehud Olmert’s father Mordechai Olmert, was born in Ukraine….He then moved to Chgina and later illegally entered Palestine, where he gave birth to Ehud Olmert…

        The PM before Ehud Olmert, Aerial Sharon’s father Shmuel Scheinerman, was from Georgia, later he illegally moved to Palestine and gave birth to the terrorist called Aerial Sharon, who died in misery….Permanent vegetative state for 8 years….

        The PM before Aerial Sharon, Ehud Barak’s father Yisrael Mendel Brog, was from Lithuania, later he illegally moved to Palestine and gave birth to the snake called Ehud Barak…

        The PM before Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres was born in Poland

        The PM before Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin’s parents were Ukrainian, who illegally entered Palestine…

        The PM before Yitzhak Rabin, Yitzhak Shamir was born in Belarus….

        PM Menachem Begin was born in Belarus

        PM Golda Meir was born in Ukraine

        PM Levi Eshkol was born in Ukraine

        PM Ben Gurion was born in Poland….

        This history is documented everywhere…even Wikipedia has this info….

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