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On Wednesday, the Telegraph‘s Allison Pearson—bravely, given the current climate—suggested that we should revisit the debate about banning the burka. “One day, the burkas, like a flock of crows, will come home to roost. Ban it. Now,” she concludes. So say we all! And the good news is that I think a ban on wearing the burka in public places in Britain is probably inevitable.

France, embarrassingly for us, has got there first. Normally I wouldn’t dream of taking advice from a Frenchman on anything but food and fashion, but the French government’s victory last week in the European Court of Human Rights has established the Republic as a thought leader. Paris argued that the veil is incompatible with the rule of law. The ECHR agreed. So it remains illegal to wear the veil in public in France.

As an ugly symbol of Islamism and its systematic injustices toward women, the burka is unrivalled—and horribly sinister. Tell MAMA, an organization set up to track anti-Muslim sentiment, says the veil is involved in most of the “islamophobic” incidents between Muslims and non-Muslims on British streets. So it seems to me that it’s time to make the problem history by doing away with the offending garb—not just on legal grounds, but ethical, aesthetic and social ones too.

To be clear, this is not an invitation to ridicule or abuse Muslims for being Muslims. But I believe we are entitled to make our rejection of an odious cultural habit, imported from regions in the world where Islam is practiced in its most oppressive forms, crystal clear. British imams themselves call the veil an “archaic tribal rag” and an “imported Saudi fad.” Let’s send it back to where it came from.

First, some good news. Life in Britain is getting harder for Islamic extremists. Birmingham schools are being purged of Islamist influence. Pressure is growing on self-described “moderate” Muslims to speak out about the violence their brothers commit. The public is increasingly vocally intolerant of Left-wing idiots who uncritically defend Palestine—or anyone on television wearing eyeliner and bleating about multiculturalism. Banning the burka is, in my view, the next logical step toward a tolerant society that makes no room for divisive, unpleasant ideologies.

As victims of a horrific and internationally reported terror attack on 7/7, Britain should be leading the way. Politicians will need a lot of convincing—but I think the great British public is up to it.

So alien to our culture, alienating in our communities and sinister in aspect is the veil that I am compelled to conclude it should be banned by law, and not just subjected to public censure and ridicule. (Though it should be definitely be laughed at, too.) That won’t make me any friends among my more ruthlessly libertarian colleagues here atBreitbart, who think the state has no place regulating what people wear. But I think they’re forgetting the uniquely toxic influence of political Islam on our streets and the singular threat posed to our liberty by Islamic terror worldwide…


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