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An Islamic Trojan Horse Inside of Britain

By Enza Ferreri



It’s not enough that in Britain non-Muslim children in publicly-funded schools, Islamic and non-Islamic, are served halal meat — from animals whose throat is cut without proper stunning, according to the Islamic rite — often without knowing it. EvenBritish forces have been discovered to be subjected to the same treatment.

Now schools in the UK are increasingly becoming the battleground of a war between radical Islam and the hopeless, dhimmi British “authorities,” if this is the right term to use in the face of inaction.

I’m not the only one to have thought of a military metaphor. In the media, an alleged Islamic plot to take over schools has become a “Trojan horse.”

A country in whose capital city the most popular baby name for boys isMuhammad and the fourth most popular is Mohammed is doomed.

The gradual but inevitable progression of Muslim demographics brings with it the equally inexorable advancement of Islamic tactics becoming more and more aggressive and oppressive.

This is not the first time that the ongoing process of Islamization of British schools has found its way into the news. Official inspections, Department of Education involvement, school authorities without answers — we’ve been here before and, I dare say, we’ll be here again.

What’s happening in British schools? We have to be clear here. Bear with me, as the saga is still unfolding and murky.

First, there is the current, run-of-the-mill management of many Muslim schools (publicly funded, of course) which does nothing wrong, according to the government’s education regulator Ofsted, except segregating boys and girls, “restricting” music and art classes although they are demanded by the national curriculum, requiring girls to wear headscarves — in short educating children according to the Islamic way of life.

I would contend that this is Islamization of schools through and through. But no, Ofsted says, these are all positive things, expressions of Muslim identity and faith.

So, the brouhaha is just about a number of schools that risk becoming “really” Islamized and are investigated as possible targets of an “Islamic takeover,” which goes even further.

“Operation Trojan Horse” has become the nickname of an organized attempt by Islamists to co-opt schools in England and run them according to Muslim beliefs….


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