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Islam and American Justice

By Lance Silver and Andrew Palashewsky

On Saturday evening, Feb. 22nd, the University of Pennsylvania Law School hosted the “Eighth Annual Muslim Law Students Conference,” on the topic of “Muslim Obligations in Promoting Justice in America.” The fairly innocuous and well-meaning title of the program masked the true intent, which was to lull the students and our society into a false sense of complacency regarding the real aims and effects of Islamic incursion in American society — which Stephen Coughlinexplains in “To Our Great Detriment.”

We were greeted with “As-Salamu ‘Alaykum” upon entering the conference and by speakers, prior to presentation; responding with “AslimTaslam.”

The attendees, American Muslim law students, along with a few foreign students and lawyers, presented a mixed canvas racially, yet each person is culturally Islamic and a member of the ummah. The speakers and each future American lawyer claimed that Islam has been misinterpreted for 1,400 years. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! –ed.)

Professor Faisal Kutty, presented a bogus definition of jihad and Islamophobia. He spoke of jihad as if it were apple pie with vanilla ice cream, splitting the term “jihad” into  Lesser Jihad, offensive/defensive military struggle, and Greater Jihad, personal struggle for good against evil. He downplayed the importance of Jihad’s military meaning, ignoring the majority of references in the Qur’an which compel Muslims to wage a military struggle; jihad is possibly the Sixth Pillar of Islam.

Jihad is offensive. Duplicity and deception tactically confuse opponents and are inherent in Islam. The military conquest of formerly Christian, Jewish, Hindu lands within 100 years of Islam’s founding is termed “da’wa-jihad.” Much of that empire still stands under the Islamic culture forced on the conquered cultures.

Islam considers itself to be supremacist and must be victorious over all other religions and cultures. Islam spreads first by invitation, “Aslim Taslam,” which means “Submit and Be at Peace.” If that isn’t effective then conquest by the sword is followed by dhimmitude, second-class citizenry, including no right for the Dhimmi to defend themselves.

If Islam does not succeed in becoming the world’s only true religion, Muslims will not have fulfilled Allah’s Quranic commands to proselytize Islam throughout the world through da’wa and Jihad, violently or nonviolently. This is accomplished with 100% impunity from Allah, as per the Qur’an. Christianity is a proselytizing religion, but Christianity does not permit the use of violence to proselytize, whereas it is inherent in Islam….

….The United States of America was founded primarily upon Judeo-Christian culture and values, which birthed our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as a guide to limit governance. The Constitution is not a progressive tool. It represents our unalienable rights and natural law as articulated in the Old and New Testaments. The Judeo-Christian tradition holds all people are fundamentally equal, with each life having transcendent value as a gift from God.

Either we Americans move ahead on a delusional and suicidal path of adopting ideologies inimical to our historical values and laws in order to avoid confrontation, or we abandon political correctness and ignorance about Islam and Sharia and confront Islamic law as adults.

We Americans must exhibit fortitude and say to Islam, and its millions of ignorant, delusional, useful idiot apologists, that Islam represents an existentially deadly Clash of Civilizations,  opposing the U.S. constitution and Judeo-Christianity along with Hinduism and all non-Islamic cultures.

We cannot live with that threat without legislating against Sharia and making it 100% clear that the Constitution of The United States of America is the law of our land.  We must all assume the oath that all government, military, and law enforcement members take, “to protect and preserve the Constitution of the USA against all enemies outside our borders as well as the Trojan Horses within.”

Each year a new cadre of Muslim lawyers graduates from American law schools.  Do these Muslim lawyers represent Islamic culture and Sharia, or American culture and our Constitution?


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