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Counter-Terrorism Is Politically Incorrect

by Rachel Molschky

….The article continues: “…Of the 60 plots, 49 could be considered homegrown terror plots. This means that one or more of the actors were American citizens, legal permanent residents, or visitors radicalized predominately in the United States.

“In each of these plots, the number one target was military facilities, followed closely by targets in New York City. The third most common target was mass gatherings, like the Boston Marathon, nightclubs and bars, and shopping malls.

“While four plots were successful, and three foiled merely by luck or the swift action of private citizens, the rest were thwarted in their early stages by U.S., and sometimes international, law enforcement.”

However, even this list is not as comprehensive as it could be. There are terrorism cases which are missing, like that of Waad Alwan and Mohanad Hammadi, two Iraqi “refugees” who were already known terrorists before arriving to the US. They were arrested for attempting to supply Al Qaeda with money and weaponry. Their arrests were the result of a counter-terrorism undercover sting operation.

Then there is Abdullatif Aldosary, another known Iraqi terrorist who bombed a federal building in Arizona. In fact, there are many who have been arrested on terrorism charges who are not included in the Heritage Foundation’s list and other plots which have occurred after the list was compiled. And what about those which are not classified as terrorism but in all actuality, are?

The victims of terror plots are not aware that it is Islamophobic to state the obvious fact that their attackers were Muslims who committed their crimes for the sake of Allah. While theObama Administration aligns our government with Sunni Muslims, increases Muslim immigration, eases restrictions on asylum seekers with terrorist ties, broadens its definition of racial profiling “to prohibit federal agents from considering religion, national origin, gender and sexual orientation in their investigations,” and makes significant purges in counter-terrorism training, terrorist front group CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terror organization by both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, both have a foothold in our government.

Meanwhile, mosques are popping up all over the place, including the expansion of a “mega-mosque” in Tennessee, which will ultimately be over 60,000 square feet. Mosques are often the breeding grounds for terrorism, but it is “Islamophobic” to target them for investigation, as the NYPD found out even after discovering terrorist plots due to undercover investigations in mosques.

But then everything is Islamophobic- acknowledging Islamic terrorism, bringing attention to the violent ideology of Islam– maybe even Islam itself is Islamophobic. The problem is, if political correctness and our fear of the Islamophobic label are greater than our will to protect and defend the nation, the future of the United States will be bleaker than what any of us could ever hope to imagine.


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