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The Pathological Roots of Islam

By Edward Cline

This is not a new subject. It would be to the mainstream media. To the dhimmitudal denizens of this particular subject of enquiry, Islam, as a “religion of peace” and a belief system, is above reproach, even when its true believers and activists are blowing up non-believers by the dozens, hundreds, and even thousands, or machine-gunning them or taking machetes to them. Islam is untouchable. To question its nature leaves news media denizens with dropped jaws one can hear thud on the floor. It leaves them aghast and in horror.

To them, Islam can do no wrong. There’s nothing wrong with it that a little patience and interfaith dialogue can’t resolve. It’s a needless cultural clash that can be reconciled peacefully. A negotiated settlement is possible. Muslims just want to be left alone and not be stereotyped or mocked or defamed. All the mullahs and imams need to do is put a leash on Islam’s hotheads to curb their youthful – and oft times middle-aged – exuberance, and then everyone can grab a ribbon and dance around the Maypole of Diversity to the tune of a Tiny Tim song.

But the pathology inherent in doctrinal Islam – and that which inhabits its passive and aggressive adherents – has been discussed in the past in non-mainstream media, sometimes effectively, sometimes not. For example, Soren Kern, in his Gatestone article of March 24th, “UK: Child Sex Slavery, Multiculturalism and Islam,” takes to task both the idea of multiculturalism and the British authorities on the sex-grooming Muslim gangs that have apparently been preying on non-Muslim school girls for at least twenty years.

Kern’s article is mostly a discussion of Peter McLoughlin’s exhaustive report, “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery,” which details how officials in England and Wales were aware of rampant child grooming – the process by which sexual predators befriend and build trust with children in order to prepare them for abuse – by Muslim gangs since at least 1988, with the knowledge of the authorities. The report is 333 pages long and worth reading – as long as you have a supply of Valium on hand and are not susceptible to high blood pressure….



2 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on GOD, GUTS,OLD GLORYand AMMO and commented:
    What would the main street media do if one of their daughters was abducted by them?

  2. Let’s compare Muslims with cockroaches. I bought an old home in Texas for my Art Studio. It was out in the country. But it had a cock roach problem. Everyone in the South fights cockroaches. Being a Northern lad, I hadn’t a clue how hard the fight was going to be. Just like the world never knew how hard the Muslim fight was going to be.

    To make a long story short: I used ever spray poison Raid and Black Flag sold. They drank it like Kool-Aide. So I called the College and talked to a Bug PhD. He said I can prescribe something for you, another spray can I had to put in the middle of the kitchen floor, pull the tab, and let it fog the house… and I would have to abandon the property for 3 days. When I got back, there was a death of roaches in a pile in the middle of the floor. Scooped up they filled a 3 gallon container. 1,000’s of them.

    Two weeks later I had roaches once again. I called the “Bug Doc”, and he said there is only one place they are hiding and surviving. Being that it’s an old house, it must have had at least 3 to 4 layers of old wall paper. AND, when they put in the kitchen cupboards, they nailed them right over those old layers. The roaches are living behind the cupboards, and feeding themselves off the old wheat wallpaper paste, between the layers of paper.

    So… I took my trusty crobar, and ripped the cupboards down and burned them in the back yard, and sure enough, I exposed the nesting areas, and fogged them one final time.

    If you want to stand around and wax eloquent about the Muslim insects that are infesting our country, you are all FOOLISH.

    I would much rather have cock roaches than Muslims. Get with it!

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