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Appeasement in the Face of Islamofascism

By Paul Wilkinson

Islam: The Enemy Is Welcomed Inside the Gate

…Modern day British society is multicultural, but immigration itself is not an issue if new arrivals are needed and then crucially, they assimilate and respect their new host culture. Rachel Molschky describes in the ‘Islam Hasn’t Changed: We Have’ article how Western politicians knew exactly that Islam is incompatible with our society based upon Judeo-Christian values because it is a supremacist and expansionist ideology.

So what were politicians thinking? After fighting to keep the Nazis from invading Britain, ‘Islamofascists’ were welcomed in! With good reason Europe had battled to keep Muslim hordes at bay for 1300 years, so this was the initial act of unnecessary treason.

These actions are the opposite of what the ‘Islamophobe’ Winston Churchill believed in and also disrespect the sacrifices that the British people made for their freedoms during the World Wars.

Photo Source: http://fiskefyren.deviantart.com/art/Winston-Churchill-on-Islam-429370629

Photo Source: http://fiskefyren.deviantart.com/art/Winston-Churchill-on-Islam-429370629

Nevertheless, British politicians decided that importing vast numbers of Muslims from former colonies would be a good idea.Primarily these Muslim immigrants were from the Punjab region, which is considered to be amongst the most impoverished part of the so-called “Land of the Pure”, where its inhabitants take a hard-line view of Islam.

Although some Pakistani workers were needed in the 50’s and 60’s for the textile and steel industries, clearly no consideration of how this new community would settle into a different culture was made. Following decades of decline in those industries, foreign workers are no longer needed and 60 years later, the Pakistani community has now risen to approximately 1.2 million, thanks to both pointless mass immigration and higher birth rates. This accounts for almost half the ‘official’ total of ‘British’ Muslims according to the 2011 census of 2.7 million; although with illegal immigration, in reality this figure will be between 3.5 million – 4 million. Or even higher still.

Along with these changing demographics there has been a seismic shift in the approach of the political classes and legal systems, whose response is ignorance and appeasement in the hope that the problems Muslims cause will vanish. Yet Muslims’ inability to integrate means they wreak havoc on so many levels, especially now that their population has grown so much…


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