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“Shahs of Sunset” Gives a Mini-Education on Inequality in Islam

By: Rachel Molschky


…With no desire to enter the mosque, Michael stayed behind while the rest went in, and the most spiritual woman of the group, who calls herself the “priestess” declared that we’re all one religion, that G-d is the same for everyone. That’s a lovely sentiment if only everyone else agreed. But this “priestess” (who’s borderline hippy I might add, often wearing long, flowing yet low-cut dresses- the cleavage showing kind of ruining the “Islamic” aspect of her outfits), got the shock of her life when she was not allowed to enter the front area, which was for men only. The women had to go to the back corner to pray. This did not sit well with the Iranian-American free spirit who believes that men and women are equal. She says she respects their culture but did not appreciate being dismissed as less than a man.

To shed further light on the differences, the show also made a point to film the many women cloaked in full Islamic attire, the black abaya and niqab, the face veil.

This program may be a silly reality show with lots of ridiculous antics, the “problems” of the rich, women with gobs of make-up, short skirts and low-cut blouses and the occasional partial nudity, but for a channel which is generally very liberal, (and liberal usually means pro-Islam), the show actually did a far better job illustrating some of the incompatibility between Islam and our society.

But what really strikes me is how ill-informed these “Muslim” women are of their own religion. Women are not equal in Islam. That this is a shock to even the most religious of the bunch is frankly, a shock to me. These women might do well to read Ali Sina’s account of how he always defended Islam before reading the Qur’an. I sincerely doubt any of them have even placed their hands on their own holy book.

On the other hand, it is likely this was just the angle the show wanted to take, and the “priestess” was only acting for the camera. Props to them for highlighting it. Now I’m not saying to replace your reading of the Qur’anRobert Spencer or The Religion of Peace websitewith the Shahs of Sunset. But for all those people who get their cultural education strictly from the television, this episode at least, was not bad.


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