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Obama ‘Inviting the Whirlwind’ by Neglecting Blooming al-Qaeda Strongholds, Affiliates ‘Spreading Like Wildfire’


….“Because of the failure of American leadership the term radical Islam or Islamic extremism is not mentioned in U.S. policy, which is quite astounding,” Keane said. “…What makes this movement the most threatening we have ever faced is their stated objectives to use WMD against the people of the U.S. Unchecked, radical Islam is an ideological struggle with the U.S. and its allies that will dominate most of the 21st century.”

Under questioning from lawmakers, Keane further stressed that “al-Qaeda becoming decentralized has always been part of the plan” with a strategy of spreading out across the globe in countless affiliate networks.

“Sometimes the world doesn’t cooperate with a presidential narrative and I think that’s where we are,” Lieberman said, noting there’s “something in between” sending in military forces “and just pulling out.”

If the U.S. doesn’t support the non-jihadist, anti-Assad Syrians, the Iraqi government in the fight against al-Qaeda, or the Libyans trying to build a post-Gadhafi country, “we’re going to get attacked again,” the former senator stressed. “Then we’re going to have to go back in there and risk even more American lives… if we just turn away we’re going to suffer.”

Lieberman noted that the only reason the al-Qaeda “core” in the Af-Pak region has been diminished is because of military force. “Al-Qaeda is not a social organization,” he said. “It is a brutal military organization.”

In the meantime, he said, American policy is “inviting the whirlwind.”

“There are large parts of the Obama administration’s strategy that are simply not working. This is going to go on for a large part of this century,” Lieberman said of the “fearless and ideologically driven killing machine” of Islamic terrorism.

“In the end, if we do nothing, the result will be worse.”


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