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The Fraudulent Frankenstein of Islam


Thesis: Islam is a Frankenstein-like creature sewn together from the body parts of other religions, a monster composed of reanimated dead limbs, torso, and head, bent on murder and conquest to remake the world in its own self-acknowledged ugly image. Who created it? Not some ambitious woman recording and developing her nightmare into a Gothic novel, not some evil scientist, and not even Mohammad. Rather, it is a totalitarian horror patched together by successive generations of cackling, malevolent mystics and haters of life stretching back twelve centuries.

Two books were published over the last year that contribute in no small way to exposing Islam not only as a pernicious and viral ideology, but as a fraud perpetrated on countless Muslims and on the West.  They are Norbert G. Pressburg’s What the Modern Martyr Should Know: Seventy-Two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin,* originally published in Germany in 2009 as Goodbye Mohammed but revised for a wider market, and Ibn Warraq’s Sir Walter Scott’s Crusades & Other Fantasies.** Both books subject Islam to the intellectual and scholarly equivalent of night vision devices (NVD’s) to reveal what really lurks in ambush in the dark green jungle of Islam.

The following comments do not pretend to be comprehensive reviews of the books, but are intended to serve as recommendations and enticements to read the books.

What the Modern Martyr Should Know helps to reveal the bitter, psychotic flummery in the Koran and Islam. Pressburg presents a very persuasive argument that the Koran and its companion works, chiefly the Hadith, were and still are works-in-progress, put together from disparate sources by Islamic myth-builders who may as well have worked as skit-writers for Saturday Night Live.

I can pictures it now, a variety show broadcast by Al Jazeera. “Live! From Mecca! It’s Friday Night Prayers!” (Cue a jiggy muezzin reciting the adhan to a rapper’s rhythm. Cue a rapid, subliminal montage of stonings, beheadings, hangings, amputations, rapes, honor killings, genital mutilations, suicide bombs, Bush holding King Abdullah’s hand, Obama bowing to the Saudi king, flash images of Afghani bacha bereesh, mass wiggling arse-lifting or “Mooning the West” by Muslims at prayer, cast head shots, guest host, guest bands and musicians, etc.).

Pressburg addresses such questions as: Did Mecca actually exist? What is the true history of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem? How impossible was it for Islam to conquer the Arabian Peninsula and a goodly square mileage of the Middle East, and also Persia and Egypt, in less than a century? Did Christians and Jews really thrive under Islamic “tolerance” in Muslim Spain? Do the abrogated, earlier verses of the Koran play any role in the propagation and proselytizing of Islam today? In which century did anyone note the irruption of Islam from Arabia?

…There is no scientific evidence about invasions and the capture of Syria, Persia, or Egypt by Muslims during these time periods. That is because the establishing of the Arabian Empire was not a result of Islam – the empire had been there already. Only due to its existence was the exhaustive spread of Islam possible. Hence, the conquests of the first two hundred years under the green banner of the Prophet are nonexistent….(p. 146)

And that Arab “empire” was fundamentally Christian, a functioning political and religious legacy of the Byzantine era. In short, Islam’s doctrine takes credit for another historical phenomenon, with which it had little or nothing to do with Islam’s influence on the course of events in the Mideast and Northern Africa between the eighth and twelfth centuries….

….Speaking of fiction, one can view Islam in another way, as well. In contrast to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an antisemitic hoax perpetrated and proselytized by forgers, the credulous, and the ignorant, the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 “Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal in North America” can be viewed as an appendix to “The Protocols of the Long-Dead Elders of Islam,” evidenced, documented, and demonstrated daily by the Islamic jihad against the West, whilst conforming to the totalitarian nature of Islam, and constitutes a very genuine and provable conspiracy to conquer the world.

Islam is a savage, fraudulent monster lumbering and lurching in our midst, destroying everything it touches. Only the torches and pitchforks of scholarly research and satire can drive it away and over the cliff into the dustbin of history.


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