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Syrian Mothers Selling Daughters as Prostitutes to Wealthy Saudis in Accordance with Sharia

By David Wood

“…So we see once again the depressing fruits of Muhammad’s teachings and example. The Prophet of Islam allowed his followers to practice Muta. He allowed his followers to marry prepubescent girls. He allowed men to beat their wives. The result? Wealthy Saudis are taking young Muslim girls back to their hotels, beating and raping them, and it’s all perfectly in line with Sharia. (The same thing is happening in Egypt.

Where are CAIR and ISNA when these little girls are being raped? It seems that Muslim organizations in the West are too busy complaining about Islamophobia to care much about the horrendous abuse of vulnerable little girls in the Middle East. Indeed, many Muslims get far more upset about people like me reporting the abuse than they do about the abuse itself. 

You can learn a lot about a religion by noticing what tends to outrage its adherents. Welcome to Islam.”


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