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Islam: Love Is Not in the Air

By Rachel Molschky


…Turkey is considered a secular Muslim country, although many fear their nation is gradually becoming Islamized. In contrast, Saudi Arabia is the birthplace and heart of Islam, where Shariah is the law of the land, women are covered head-to-toe, adulterers get beheaded in the town square, and thieves get their hands chopped off. But recently, the strict constraint of Islamic law has led some to offer a little affection to the otherwise love-deprived society.

First two men were arrested by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice for offering free hugs. They were caught carrying a banner reading “free hug” after responding to another Saudi man in a Youtube video inviting others to join in the lovefest. A few days later, another man was detained for doing the same outside a hospital. The man will actually stand trial for offering free hugs. This “loving feeling” now snowballing out of control led to another group of young men offering, not free hugs, but free kisses. All seven men were arrested at the mall where they made their offer.

The religious scholars are appalled at such “despicable” behavior, blaming the “low standards of education” and the “weak awareness programs presented by religious societies.”

“This is an aberrant behavior and an invitation to decadence,” the scholars said, local media reported.

The “love” offers are part of the Free Hugs Campaign where people are encouraged to offer free hugs to strangers in crowded places, cities in particular, in order to “brighten up their lives.” Islamic society, however, forbids such “abhorrent” conduct. The Iron Burka blog aptly calls the Muslim reaction “huggophobia.”

This public kissing and offer of free hugs are just a symptom of the unbearable manner that life must be lived under Islamic rule. Incredibly, the same “morality police” who cry “Allahu Akbar” while attacking those displaying their affection somehow believe that stabbing these people is the right thing to do. Imagine these same people immigrating to the West and bringing their Islamic belief system with them. Can such an anti-love, pro-violent culture mesh with our society? How can Shariah law stand juxtaposed our democracies? The answer is simple: it can’t.


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