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The Ongoing Erasure of Europe


“…Anyone who speaks and writes about the abrogation of freedom in Europe is accused of being a pathological conspiracy theorist. So it is advisable to be a little more specific, and name names.

The abrogation of freedom in Europe is not occurring naturally, but according to the planning of educated elites, who have been trained to replace civic freedoms – especially those of expression, of the press and of the airwaves – with ideological coercion, and thus smash civil society into microscopic shards, like valuable, defenseless porcelain…”


….Meaning that assimilation by Muslims into the larger Western society would not be imperative and wouldn’t be a concession, but accommodation verging on assimilation by Westerners into Islamic culture would be imperative as a suicidal gesture of “tolerance” and “coexistence,” which would be short-lived.


All in all, the whole European Framework document is deliberately calculated to produce a race reminiscent of the “pod people” from the film The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with particular emphasis on transforming indigenous Europeans into obedient, unquestioning clones of each other, “tolerant” to the point of self-extinction and complicit in the destruction of European culture – that is, of the culture that once promoted freedom, freedom of speech, and their identities as Westerners.


After reading the entirety of this heinous document, I couldn’t help but picture Wolfrum the co-author as the face on the screen of the classic Apple ad of 1984 that debuted the personal computer age, a disembodied face commanding adherence to a “garden of pure ideology…free from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts.”


But where is the European athlete who will champion freedom of speech and hurl a hammer at the screen? Are Europeans nothing but “Ewes in Wolf’s Clothing”? Well, no. There’s Geert WildersMichael StürzenbergerElisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and Lars Hedegaard, to name but a handful of Europeans ready to stake their all for freedom of speech and sound the alarm about the Islamic takeover of their continent.  Their thoughts state the truth, yet they have been persecuted, prosecuted, and thrown to the wolves of Islam.


The same may be said about Michael Schneider, who also warns that that the alliance of the EU and Islam, if not exposed and stopped, will lead to the ultimate erasure of Europe by the hands of believers and the likes of Rüdiger Wolfrum and their dhimmified ilk.


Is America on the same path?



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