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Islamic Dog Hatred & Animal Rights Activists’ Silence

By Enza Ferreri


Torturing a dog in front of an appreciative audience

…Another Islamic site, Albalaghexplains:

Jibra’eel (Álayhi Salaam) said that we, the group of Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or pictures. (Sahih Muslim Hadith no.3928)

In the light of these Ahaadith and other narrations it is not permissible to keep dogs as pets. The household is deprived of the Mercy of Allah Taãla.

While this is from Islamic Concern:

Religious traditions hold that if a dog – or woman – passes in front of you as you prepare to pray, it pollutes your purity and negates your prayer. Dogs are permissible as watchdogs or for other utilitarian purposes but not simply for companionship. Abou El Fadl says this zealous adherence to doctrine led one religious authority to advise a Muslim that his pet dog was evil and should be driven away by cutting off its food and water.

Hasan Küçük, a city councillor for the Islam Democrats in the Hague, the Netherland’s third city, even proposed that the city ban all dogs, which was promptly rebuked by Paul ter Linden, the councillor for Geert Wilders’ PVV party, who told him: “In this country pet ownership is legal. Whoever disagrees with this should move to another country.”

What is interesting is the reaction – or rather lack thereof – of the animal rights movement, too afraid, if it means touching Islamic sensitivities, to speak up even for animals…



17 Responses

  1. These subhumans seriously need to educate themselves! God gave you a brain to educate yourselves! Lay down your superstitions and nonsense religious excuses for vile behaviours, if you’re so religious, then you know God created the animals, and also commanded “Thou shalt NOT KILL”. There were no exceptions to the rules, they’re pretty straightforward. He also said if you’re lukewarm he’ll spew you out of his mouth, I have a feeling these people are about to be hurled into the giant commode of God.

  2. The only true religion is called LOVE. No divinity would want cruelty upon other beings. It’s time to evolve and leave the dark ages!

  3. Assholes that smell WORSE than a dog!

  4. this religion is fucking shit, for every dog or other animal die this infidel will pay with suffering and death in middle east.

  5. every human being, every animal, insect, tree, river…. is created by God/Buddha/Allah…., so no human being has the right to harrass, torture etc them for any reason. at the moment i live in a muslim country and i am losing respect for this “religion” (not because of the religion itself, because of humans and how they live + interpret their islam – this is so wrong!). maybe the original meaning of the qaran was great, but it is not up to date anymore, we live in 2013, we have nearly all vaccinations – i.e. so rabbies is not a reason to kill dogs….
    people who kill animals for fun, for religious reasons are not worth to continue being on this earth – this is pathetic
    and: if you would live like it is written in the qaran, then please do not drive cars, do not use cell phones/glasses/bombs… live your own life by your own and do not tell others they are wrong
    LIVE AND LET LIVE! and leave the animals alone – allah is watching you and karma is waiting for you

  6. I thought religion, all of them, was supposed to bring goodness to this world and others, not crimes and torture.. I guess religion is just a word people use to justify their acts, but it doesn’t mean anything really. It only brings suffering, but a true religious person shouldn’t be guided by hatred and revenge, only by love and peace.. I don’t need to pray to be a good person and understand that hurting people or animals is bad.. these people aren’t good persons and what they do is just not right or normal. They’re pathetic psychopaths. Anyone who hurts animals is a psychopath and should get treatment before they start hurting humans.

  7. These are real devils who not worth to live,
    so they must be killed!!!!

  8. The religion tells the followers that the animal is unclean. The religion should instruct followers that they are part of God’s creation. I don’t think a C of E vicar would stand by while his/her parishioners did that to an animal. Face the facts. Islam is a sham religion, Allah sounds more like the devil than the supreme being. I work with a lot of Bangladesh Muslims and they hate animals. If my dogs go near them, they make a great deal of shooing them away, which only attracts the animal more. I’ve worked with a lot of them, and they ARE full of hatred and disapproval for non Muslims. Mohamed consummated his marriage to a nine year old girl. Sharia law allows marriage of prepubescent girls to old men. That is paedophilia. They are not gentle people, and are full of hate and judgment. I wasn’t anti Muslim before I started to get to know them. One of them, the mullah of the gang, was telling me how I should act so Allah would love me, and my reply was “You hate dogs, and what would you, a 22 year old know about life. How many children have you brought up? How many years have you worked?” They are a truly arrogant group of know-it-alls, who know fuck all.

  9. My Somalian neighbours religion is islam.They HATE our dog but NOT ALL islamists is like this.Just some idiots who read the “book” as they want it…

  10. superstitious heathens. These cruelties will be avenged by a just God. these are not righteous men but wicked men.

    • So do you think we should just wait for the just god to deal with them after death, meanwhile leaving the Dogs to continue suffering?

  11. Non humans (muslims) they are inferior to us, they are uncivilized and savage, they sleep with their own mother’s they live like animals but inflict such pain on animals, very confusing these inbreed savages,if you are ever touched by a muslim then that muslim must lose his hand, they are not allowed to touch humans, they are disgusting and inferior to us.

    • inferior to us who savagely mutilate the unborn defensless child in the womb. No, I don’t think so. We are the same if not worse.

      • Two completely different topics, but, by your reasoning, if we let them continue, we’re even worse than them by condoning both.

      • tony, the child is unborn….. so it is therfore not fucking born yet….. ur way off topic comparing an abortion to animal cruelty….. a fetus has yet to even take a breath, open its eyes or be a part of the world yet…… i dont care what u believe, or what the law says in ur country,…. that child aint shit until it is actually born…… and if u believe the childs right is more important than the parents right to abort that child… then u are seriously misguided…. who has more rights? …. the living breathing mother?… or an unborn half grown undeveloped fetus? ….. i tend to lean toward the mother thank you. anyway … since that has nothing to do with the topis of animal cruelty ill leave you with that . torturing ANY animal is wrong. unborn babys are not mutilated, nor are they tortured. usually they are killed by a drug first. they feel no pain…. a dog being tortured surely does… and if u wish to plead that we are no better for destroying a pregnancy then i suggest u compare the two events… coz theres alot of difference between putting an unborn fetus to sleep and removing it painlessly, and torturing a living breathing feeling creature.

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