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The Religion of Death

By Rachel Molschky

…It all begins with the children. Parents instill in their children the belief that jihad is a value, and dying in a suicide bombing is an honorable thing to do. They bring these values with them to the West, and in 2012, WND reported that there were 35 terror training camps operating inside the US. The group responsible, Soldiers of Allah, is responsible for nearly 50 attacks on American soil and is known in the US asMuslims of America. They train American converts, and the leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, states in the recruitment video regarding infidels, “Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.” Many European Muslims travel abroad to terror training camps in places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc., and bring their knowledge home in order to help them plan terror attacks in Europe. Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was also trained abroad and used his knowledge back home.

Itching for violence, European Muslims have been traveling to Syria in order to do their jihadi part, and “two or three” American Muslims were involved in the Kenian Mall attack as well as Muslims living in the UK and Norway and possibly other Western nations. (The official reports have changed, and the identities and exact number of assailants are hazy.)

Chowdury Mueen-Uddin here with Prince Charles, sentenced to death in Bangladesh. (Photo Source: Daily Mail)

Chowdury Mueen-Uddin here with Prince Charles, sentenced to death in Bangladesh yet promoting Islam in the UK. (Photo Source: Daily Mail)

The radical views of Muslims are consistent with their religious doctrine, whether they live in Europe, the United States, Australia, or Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh or Gaza. This is why Muslims from around the world, even in the West, go to where the fighting is, or they create their own violence in terror attacks. It’s no wonder with stories like an Islamic University Dean in the Netherlands promoting the punishment of stoning, or aCanadian Imam declaring that women need their husbands’ permission to speak, or an influential Muslim leader in the UK, also the founder of the Muslim Council of Britain, allowed to flourish in Great Britain, now convicted in Bangladesh of the murder of 18 people in 1971 and sentenced to death.All of these stories, featured on The Religion of Peace website, demonstrate how the great lie in the West that Islam is peaceful will lead our civilization to ruin if nothing changes.

The number of deaths caused by Islam is astounding. In seven months, Taliban attacks accounted for nearly 3000 deaths. In just one month, around 1000 Iraqis were killed, and in the month of October 2013, at least 1405 people died and 2878 were critically injured in 219 jihadist attacks which took place in 23 different countries around the world. But October was nothing special. This is a typical month with a typical amount of attacks and casualties done in the name of Allah.

What other religion can be compared to this? In a Pakistani seminary, a place where those seeking religious instruction go, a bomb that was being prepared, most assuredly as part of the course instruction, went off prematurely and injured three people. This is what is taught in a religious school? With all this violence, “the religion of peace” seems more like “the religion of death”!



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  1. I have been engaged in educational Jihad since early 70s. I set up the firs Muslim school in London in 1981 and now there are round about 188 Muslim schools and only 12 are state funded. I would like to see each and every Muslim child in a Muslim school with Muslim teacher. Muslim children need Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental period. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim.

    The real point here is that we must be tolerant of each other no matter what beliefs we have. Hindus and Sikhs have ASSIMILATED with your culture and both have pork and drink alcohol. Lets be real here! Muslims are attacked because we have no ASSIMILATED. we have integrated. The vast majority (99%) pay our taxes, work, obey the law and live our daily lives not bothering anyone. but because we don’t drink or eat pork and we pray 5 times a day we are targeted. The hypocrisy here is amazing…the indigenous “English” population aren’t really English if you look at your history. You come from the north of Europe as Anglo Saxons/Norman invaders (both originated from the Vikings). before then the romans came to these shores. the real indigenous people of this island are the Celtic tribes from wales and Scotland! the real issue comes down to two things. 1. a lack of understanding and 2. historical prejudice. You always fear what you don’t know so why not learn about it! (you don’t have to convert either). 2. we would not be here if our lands weren’t in chaos because of foreign invaders going in over the last 200 years at least. there needs to be genuine dialogue on both sides but I am not sure anyone here is really interested in that. How about this. Why don’t all the foreigners leave the UK…lets go back to before 1066 and the Norman invasion and everyone who was on these shores before than stay and everyone else after 1066 should leave!

    The British Looted and Plundered the wealth in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan during their occupation during the Raj. “In 1850, the diamond was CONFISCATED from the Sikh Empire by the British East India Company and became part of the British Crown Jewels when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1877. The diamond was traditionally known as “Kuh-e nur” in the 19th century after the BRITAIN CONQUEST of India. The diamond is currently set into the Crown of Queen Elizabeth and is on display at the Tower of London “. The small minority of radical so called British people (most not even true British; go check out your lineage) talk about integration and people having to integrate to British life and British ways.

    Did the British integrate when they were colonising vast numbers of country’s around the world; FORCEFULLY implementing the British ways onto other people and countries.

    ” Muslims are terrorists and they kill Christians ” – All I have to say on this point is THE CRUSADES ,read up on this; the origins of religious terrorism from invading Christian terrorists slaughtering Muslims. Muslims are more close to the true form of Christianity then the so called modern Christians nowadays. We pray 5 times a day to show our love and respect for god. We organise our lives around god and not god around our lives. When prayer time comes regardless of where you are and what your doing, you pray. God does not wait for anyone. All those racists out there, all will die one day and death will not wait for you to finish your football match. Islam is evil and murderous ” – Try reading about the Siege of Jerusalem in 1187 during the CRUSADES when the Islamic general Saladin SAFELY ESCORTED the Christians who were fighting against the Muslims to safe territories with his own troops. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world A FACT.

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