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Muslim Brotherhood activity is growing in America

by Bob Taylor



In an interview with Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project, former FBI agent and author of the new book Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America, John Guandolo had some revealing information about Islamic radicalism.

Some of Guandolo’s answers were clarifying. Others were packed with information. Still others broke down myths about Islamic goals that have been perpetuated by a misinformed liberal media and a complicit White House philosophy.

All of them are dire.

Beginning at the end of his comments and working forward, Guandolo simplifies his warning with a sports metaphor, “As I see it, we’re five minutes into the first quarter of the football game. The MB is out on the field and they are winning 72-0. We are on the sidelines in baseball outfits wondering what inning it is.”

It’s a simple image with a powerful message. Far too often the United States is reactive rather than proactive in matters of national security. Much of that comes from the Obama administration with its efforts to disguise terrorism as “workplace violence” or refusing to use words such as “jihadi” or “extremist” which are both accurate and appropriate descriptions.

Guandolo pulls no punches with a clear warning about the diversionary tactics employed by the Brotherhood to always keep us looking in the wrong direction. “Part of the problem in getting Americans to see the imminent threat,” he says, “is that they, like the U.S. security services, are completely focused on the kinetic stuff – bombings, shootings, etc. We need to worry about these, but it isn’t how they intend to defeat us.

“The MB strategic plan says they are waging “Civilization Jihad” to destroy our civilization and that they will use our leaders to do their work for them.”

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