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Islam: Against All Mankind

By Y.K. Cherson

When Islam’s prophet Muhammad, the very first Muslim immigrant, arrived at Yathrib, or Medina, he and his followers began military preparations and partook in a series of attacks, over 100 in one year. But against whom were all those preparations?

The answer was given by Muhammad himself: against all non-Muslims. And since then nothing changed; Islamic immigration is aimed against all non-Muslims in the host countries, with the final goal of converting them into countries ruled by Islam.

The persecuted Christians of Egypt are only one of Islam's targets. (Source: http://www.raymondibrahim.com/islam/in-egypt-media-sympathizes-with-muslim-brotherhood-persecution-of-christians-ignored/)

The persecuted Christians of Egypt are only one of Islam’s targets. (Source: http://www.raymondibrahim.com/islam/in-egypt-media-sympathizes-with-muslim-brotherhood-persecution-of-christians-ignored/)

Muhammad planned his immigration like a military campaign, carefully eliminating any chance of error. And he had good reasons; his situation in Mecca became perilous. Of course, the wealth he inherited after his wife Khadija’s death was with him, and this wealth was enormous; the monthly business turnover of Khadija’s business was equivalent to a whole year’s balance for the entire tribe of Quraish. But after Khadija and his uncle Abu Talib died in 620, Muhammad lost the political protection and became very vulnerable for the attacks of his enemies. Those enemies were practically all the Quraish tribe whom he deeply insulted by the continuous and fierce attacks of their gods. The situation was aggravated by the fact that all the tribal leaders of the near-by towns Muhammad tried to approach seeking refuge and protection from Quraish turned him down.

Finally, he decided to run to an oasis town, Ta’if, situated some 40 miles from Mecca. Together with his adopted son he arrived to Ta’if, but evidently, “the local muscle” he boughtwas not strong enough, and the citizens of the town chased him out in a very “undemocratic” manner; Muhammad was hounded and beaten. Besides, they informed Quraish about Muhammad’s attempt. By the time he reached Mecca, the news had preceded him, and he did not dare enter Mecca for fear of his life. Instead, he contacted one of the members of the board of elders of Mecca, Mutaeam bin Adi, asking him for help. And he got it!….

…Muslim migration was ultimately a conquest. Its goal was to establish an Islamic State ruled by Shari’a laws, and all non-Muslims had to be either subdued or annihilated.

Muslim immigrants individually can be – and many of them are- very good people, polite, hospitable and nice. But Muslim immigration is a death threat to the native population of any country that was stupid (if you wish, you can use the term “politically correct”) enough to accept it.


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