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MUST READ: The Gangs All Here…In Your Schools

(Editor’s note: For a partial list of Islamic gangs in Harris County suburban schools, scroll to the bottom of the post.)

“What goes through a parent’s mind upon hearing these words pertaining to the school their children attend? Parents, students and the community undoubtedly band together, perhaps showing a force at school board meetings, or PTA meetings.  All hell breaks loose at town hall meetings with parents chiding local officials that the outcome of gangs in schools will only end badly and won’t be tolerated. Parents rush to instruct their children on what colors mean, and how to avoid members of these criminal groups, and children turn the other way when approached by those defined as the gang members.  Sounds reasonable.

So why is it now gangs associated with islamists are acceptable? That’s right Islamist gangs, namely the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Muslim Youth Network of Tennessee  MYNT (formerly Muslim Youth Navigating Tennessee)

The Muslim Student Association and MYNT fall into the criminal category. Both are affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization. the MSA even being specifically named in the Muslim Brotherhood documents that were used as evidence in this countries largest terrorism financing trial in 2008 (The Holyland Foundation Trial) ( see list in Documents)

The goal of these organizations is to spread the word of Islam through Dawa ( proselytizing of islam) at any cost, using the guise of “culture” to indoctrinate and infiltrate our educational system.

Clever. But what the islamist gangs are doing is no different than the Bloods or Crips.  They draw you in with talk of making you a better person, they give a sense of belonging,  and claim they will always be there for you. They will be your provider and protector.  All very convincing, especially for those that have little or no self esteem.   But they always forget to tell you something. You must abandon your own values and morals to be part of theirs. The very foundation  our children are raised upon, is now  being dismantled, all so they can interject their ideology. Islamists are no different.

MYNT and the MSA have entered high schools across Tennessee. Why isn’t there outrage? Their goal is to steal your child away from all you have given them. A seed is being planted into their minds by islamist gangs, with the hope your child will one day convert to islam. That is the deed, that is the goal.

The Muslim Student Association has recently formed a chapter in the Martin Luther King Magnet School in Nashville, MYNT is engaging youth throughout the state by being active in community  and sporting events.

Parents are closing their eyes to the danger of the islamist gangs, partly because the danger isn’t in the form of guns and drugs.  I can think of no greater danger than  the one that islamists are presenting.  They are after our youth, our society , our values and our way of life. What greater danger is there?

Pictured members of MYNT at a MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament ) event ( all dressed in green and black)

Green is the color of Muhammed, as well as the color of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood

Black represents the battle flag of Muhammed


Source: http://dailyrollcall.com/2013/10/15/the-gangs-all-here-in-your-schools/

Area Public High Schools with Islamic Gangs (Klein, Cy-Fair & Fort Bend ISDs):

Klein High (Klein Islamic Thought)

Klein Oak

Cypress Lakes

Cypress Ranch

Cypress Springs

Cypress Woods

Langham Creek

Bush High School

Clements High School

Dulles High School

Kempner High School

Travis High School


6 Responses

  1. Yes they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re securing their government, breeding like roaches to gain numbers. Were ten years behind England. The rapes will increase. There really is nothing we can do. They do not conform, but are using their children to convert non Muslims into submission to Allah. These people are peaceful until they have a strong hold on the government, then the chaos begins. Just take a long hard look at Europe now. They’re screwed and were ten years behind them.

  2. I understand that they are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood but have these groups participated in any wrong doing? I’m just curious as to whether or not they realize who they are affiliated with and how much the Brotherhood influences what they do.

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    MUST READ: The Gangs All Here…In Your Schools

  5. What can be done to fight such policies ?

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