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Suicide Killers

By Jamie Glazov


Rehov:  “…The making of this film led me to spend time with an impressive number of suicide terrorists, men and women, organizers of suicide attacks, and families of terrorists. At first, even though I didn’t buy the usual Muslim propaganda making Israel the bad guy, I didn’t really know what was behind this phenomenon. Was it out of despair, being unable to feed his family and seeing no future because of Israeli occupation, that someone would commit this unthinkable act? What I discovered was exactly the opposite. Palestinians have a much better life under the so-called occupation than most of their brothers in the Arab world.

In other words, it is much better to live in Ramallah or even Gaza than in a Cairo suburb. Freedom and relative wealth are a powerful, but could be destructive, combination, when applied to the Arab world. As we could see during the Arab spring and its outcome, they are not ready for it. Since Arafat’s agenda never changed, namely the replacement of the Jewish state by a Muslim state, he found it easy to use this freedom and wealth to create, from the inside, a fabulous anti-Israel machine, which is still in action today.

Incitement against Israel and anti-Semitism are the core of Palestinian society, at every level. Arabs cannot eat, walk, study, work or even sleep, without being brainwashed. The level of hatred against Israel and the West has never been higher than since the Oslo agreement, and more people died in terror attacks during the second intifada than during the whole history of Israel.

FP: Why?

Rehov: Because Palestinian society is violent, children are often abused, and sexual frustration has been organized at the level of the entire civilization. Future suicide killers are the result of this frustration and the promises made for their after-life. I have a hard time convincing whoever attends my lectures, that Islamists actually believe in the promised 72 virgins, and that 70 members of their families will be allowed into heaven thanks to their sacrifice. If you add hatred to frustration, child trauma to permanent brainwashing, you end up with the perfect combination in the making of a human bomb. Especially when it is all promoted by religious clerics, and when suicide bombers, shahids or “martyrs” are upgraded to the role of heroes in a society which denigrates most of our western values. I ended up, in my film, approaching the phenomenon from a Freudian point of view rather than a political, or socio-economical one….”


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