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“International Conference on Islamophobia”

by Robert Spencer


The creepy obsessive stalker and free speech foe
Nathan Lean of Reza Aslan’s Aslan Media was there

Conference attended called for coordination of an “international effort to tackle the anti-Islam and anti-Muslims [sic] sentiments and Muslim scholars’ efforts to clarify misconceptions about Islam.” This means more initiatives against the freedom of speech, more targeted smearing and defamation of those who tell the truth about Islam and jihad. For if these people were really serious about curbing non-Muslims’ suspicion of Muslims, they would be working on its real cause, which is not the words of “Islamophobes,” but the Muslims who commit acts of terror and justify them by referring to Islam’s texts and teachings.

But they never address that, because the goal of the invention of “Islamophobia” as a concept and the holding of conferences like this one is to deflect attention away from the reality of Islamic jihad violence and supremacism, to blame and demonize the “Islamophobes” for supposedly linking Islam with terror (when of course it is actually the terrorists who do that) and to destroy those “Islamophobes,” so as to clear away obstacles to the advance of that jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks as if their logo features little cartoon buildings. All they need is a couple of cartoon jumbo jets flying into them to complete the image.

“Islamophobia conf. calls for int”l effort to tackle anti-Islam leanings,” from KUNA, September 13:

ISTANBUL, Sept 13 (KUNA) — Islamophobia International Conference concluded here Friday with calls for coordinate international effort to tackle the anti-Islam and anti-Muslims [sic] sentiments and Muslim scholars’ efforts to clarify misconceptions about Islam.The conferees underlined the need for awareness campaigns to show the threats facing the Muslim identity.

They also urged world governments approve laws against the discriminatory actions against Muslims.

The two-day conference, themed ‘Islamophobic Press and Policies Under Scrutiny’, tackled reasons and solutions of Islamophobia which is shown as the source of increasing anti-Islam policy, publication and activities after 9/11.

More than 150 scholars, intellectuals and NGO representatives from different countries participated in the conference.

“International Conference on Islamophobia ends,” from World Bulletin, September 14:

“International Conference on Islamophobia: Law and Media” organized on September 12-13 at Grand Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul ended on Friday.Reading the final statement of the Conference co-organized by Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM) of Turkey and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Director General of BYEGM Murat Karakaya said, “Islamophobia is deemed as a human rights issue because of its implication on intolarance, exclusion and discrimination culminating in hate speech and hate crimes towards Muslims.”

Invented when necessary.

Karakaya said that existing relationship of Islamophobia with human rights and universal law appears to be an important subject requiring to be scrutinized.

Emphasizing that the media was directly responsible for spread of Islamophobia and the social problems that it tended to lead, Karakaya said, “Anti-Muslim representations through images and language used by the visual, print and social media play efficient role in creating the social repercussions of Islamophobia.”

Karakaya said to address the fundamental question of “how does one identify and describe legitimate criticisms or anxieties on the one hand and hate-filled or irrational criticisms and anxieties on the other, in the media, law, politics?”, the conference had brought together distinguished scholars, diplomats, NGOs and media experts….

This is a shell game. Those who complain about the supposed rise of “Islamophobia” characterize all legitimate criticism of Islam and jihad as hate-filled or irrational criticism. Not one of them has ever, ever, identified a critic of jihad and Islamic supremacism whose criticism they think is legitimate. They brand all such criticism as hate-filled and irrational so as to stigmatize criticism of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism in general, so as to make people afraid to resist the Islamic supremacist agenda. The claim that they’re distinguishing legitimate criticism from “hate-filled or irrational” criticism is designed only to help the stigma they attach to those whose criticism they deem “hate-filled” stick, by fooling people into thinking that they’re honest brokers making a non-biased assessment.

Reprinted from http://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/09/international-conference-on-islamophobia-tries-to-distinguish-between-legitimate-criticisms-or-anxie.html


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