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ACT! for America Launches New ALAC Push!

ACT! for America has played a key role in getting ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) passed in Tennessee, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. ALAC prohibits state judges from applying foreign law, which can include sharia law, when doing so infringes on constitutional rights.

We now have identified several states where we’ve either come close to getting ALAC passed or we believe there is an opportunity to get ALAC passed in 2014. Now is the time for an all-out grassroots push to persuade state legislators to pass ALAC, protect the Constitution, and protect constitutional rights of their state residents.

Visit the website, click on your state and add your name to the petition today!

You can also help by sharing the images and link ( http://www.actforamerica.org/alac ) on social media and by forwarding information about this petition to people you know that live in any of these states. Please take action and help us get ALAC passed in more states in 2014!!


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