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Iran Reportedly Producing Deadly Sarin Gas


Iran is producing chemical weapons, including sarin gas, out of a facility in Fars Province. Sarin gas, banned under international protocol, is the gas Syria’s Assad regime used to kill more than 1,400 civilians on Aug. 21.

A Revolutionary Guards base, Shahid Dastgheyb, is producing five deadly gases, under the project name of “Baasat,” as part of the Islamic regime’s chemical weapons program, according to intelligence received from a member of the Guards serving in the province. The source is not named due to security reasons.

The chemical plant is outside the central city of Shiraz and close to the town of Bajgah, built in the belly of a mountain. This strategic facility is close to the Guards’ naval base of Ahmad Ibn Mousa, which on the surface is in charge of training Guards’ naval personnel but in fact transfers the chemical weapons to depots and other facilities across Iran.

At this facility, the regime produces five gases: sarin, phosphor chlorine, phosgene oxcime or CX (a potent gas with immediate effects on the skin and respiratory organs), mustard and nitrogen mustard.

Apparent entrance into the mountain at the Shahid Dastgheyb base (Google maps)

The Guards are also producing a sodium cyanide bomb and three means of delivery: artillery shells, cluster bombs and warheads on its medium-range ballistic missiles. Cynaide bombs could kill thousands and could be a deadly tool for terrorists….


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