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The Muslims Are Coming!

By Mark Tapson

This Friday marks the Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles premiere of a documentary called The Muslims Are Coming!, which features a band of Muslim comedians touring middle America “to explore the issue of Islamophobia!” The exclamation mark is there to let you know that the show is going to be great fun! And all just in time for the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks (as they say in comedy, timing is everything).

As the film’s website explains, this project arose in a context in which “Islam has been duly tarnished by the mainstream media.” Actually, it has been duly tarnished by the barbarism of Islamic fundamentalists, and duly defended and whitewashed by the mainstream media. “We are so many years out of 9/11,” the website continues, “and Muslim fear-mongering hasn’t dissipated.” Yes, 9/11 was so long ago and yet the Islamophobia inexplicably never ends! When are we Americans going to get over it and realize we have nothing to fear from Muslims?

As FrontPage Magazine has pointed out many times, “Islamophobia” is a Muslim Brotherhood construct to paint legitimate concern about the demonstrable threat of fundamentalist Islam as bigotry and “Muslim fear-mongering.” That threat didn’t end on 9/11 – it is a continuing danger not just on our own soil but worldwide, as the most cursory look at history and current events will show. It is offensive and dishonest to claim that the media are to blame for Islam’s bad reputation and that 9/11 is in the distant past. The day that the victims of 9/11 stop living in American hearts will be a day of shame and surrender for this country….

…American bigotry and ignorance are not the problem. The problem is a politically correct insistence that there aren’t serious doctrinal issues of violence, religious supremacism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and totalitarianism within Islam that need to be confronted honestly and unflinchingly. Is suspicion of Muslims common today in America, twelve years after 9/11? Of course, and with good reason. And who is to blame for that suspicion? The media? Ignorant fear-mongers? Or Islamic fundamentalists themselves?

A more honest documentary about anti-religious bigotry in this country now would actually be called The Christians are Coming!, because there is far greater antagonism in the media and pop culture toward Christianity today than toward Islam. Are there even any Christian comics? I don’t see any with HBO specials or appearances on Late Night with David Letterman. Anyone billing himself as a Christian comic should prepare to be utterly ignored, if not reviled, by the entertainment industry.

For Muslim-Americans who don’t want to be judged by the evil their fellow believers do, the answer is not to try to slap a happy face on the issue and expect to laugh our troubles away, but to acknowledge that Islam itself, not “Islamophobia,” is the biggest obstacle to peace.


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