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Muslim Speaker’s 9/11 Address Cancelled at Public School Following Outcry

This Muslim speaker is barking up the wrong tree. We did not fail to understand the reason for the event. We understand exactly why they target their taqiyyah at the ignorant infidel. Shame on this teacher and school officials for thinking this Islamic propaganda is education. This Muslim speaker’s efforts should be redirected to his/her co-religionists. What is “this Muslim speaker” doing to combat fundamentalism and radicalism in his Muslim community in America? We are not the problem. Our alleged “misunderstanding” of the alleged “religion of peace” is not the problem. Islam is the problem. Clean up your own house before you come peddling your lies and revisionism at our children. ~ Witness to Jihad

“While most of America was remembering the thousands of lives lost in the tragic 9/11 terror attack this week, an intense ideological battle was unfolding in the small city of Sheridan, Ark.

A Muslim speaker who was scheduled to address students in the Sheridan School District was dis-invited following anger from parents and members of the community who felt including him on such a sensitive day was wholly inappropriate.

The debate commenced after a teacher invited the Muslim neighbor to speak about terrorism and the Islamic faith. It didn’t take long for negative reaction to this development to lead officials toward the change-of-heart.

So, following an outcry, district leaders cancelled the speech — but not without explaining via a press release that those in opposition failed to fully understand the reason for the event…

…Superintendent Dr. Brenda Haynes noted her belief that misconceptions fueled the debate. In her letter, dated Sep. 11, 2013, the district leader wrote that she understands, considering the anniversary of the terror attacks, why some would respond with angst. However, she argued that the intentions behind the contentious event were pure.

“The purpose of the invitation was to have a member of that faith inform our students that Muslims are not identical in their beliefs with regard to the use of terror; that, on the contrary, some, probably most strongly disapprove of it,” Haynes wrote.

“There was no thought of having this person address the classes to point Islam as a ‘religion of peace.’ Rather, it was to give him an opportunity to state his personal point of view in strong opposition to terrorism in general and to events of September 11, 2001, in particular,” she added.”

Full story and video at:


Dear Superintendent Haynes, members of the Muslim faith and dhimmified Americans,

“American bigotry and ignorance are not the problem. The problem is a politically correct insistence that there aren’t serious doctrinal issues of violence, religious supremacism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and totalitarianism within Islam that need to be confronted honestly and unflinchingly. Is suspicion of Muslims common today in America, twelve years after 9/11? Of course, and with good reason. And who is to blame for that suspicion? The media? Ignorant fear-mongers? Or Islamic fundamentalists themselves?

…For Muslim-Americans who don’t want to be judged by the evil their fellow believers do, the answer is not to try to slap a happy face on the issue and expect to laugh our troubles away, but to acknowledge that Islam itself, not “Islamophobia,” is the biggest obstacle to peace.”*


Witness to Jihad and all Liberty-Loving Americans

* excerpt from “The Muslims are Coming!” by Mark Tapson in Front Page Magazine, September 12, 2013


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