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Counter-Jihad: Help Stem the Islamisation of the West

By: Paul Wilkinson

…The attempted removal of our moral compasses by political correctness may suggest otherwise, but counter-jihad is the right thing to do. Unless you are morally bankrupt, how can you not challenge an ideology that is oppressive? Just look at the Middle East for example. In Muslim majority countries persecution is rampant- of minorities and even within the different sects of Islam. (Muslims can’t even live amongst themselves!) All have poor human rights records, even the ‘moderate’ countries such as Turkey or Indonesia. So why do we import this hate and intolerance here?

‘Islamophobia’ is a made up term, however Islamisation is very real. Political correctness has poisoned society and needs reversing because patriotic people who stand up to the evil of Islam are now seen demonised as ‘Islamophobic’ … even Winston Churchill would be!

It is difficult in the UK because there are real fears of falling foul of the law, losing jobs and possibly violence from Muslims and/or Marxist ‘anti-fascists’. If that’s not enough, even intimidation from the authorities and police for those willing to publically fight the battle, like Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League. It’s a bit ironic that ‘The Religion of Peace’, is the one religion that carries a health warning for dissenters! Whereas people like Anjem Choudary can spew hatred on national television, get police protection and receive generous welfare benefits!

Source: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.4438/pub_detail.asp

Source: http://www.familysecuritymatters.org

One thing we can all do is write to politicians about Islamisation, or complain to television stations or newspapers if they show bias towards Islam. It is a shame there isn’t a level playing field in the media, because once we can have a reasoned debate about Islam and people can speak freely, then there may be a tipping point.

Mosques seemingly spring up like mushrooms so if possible, resist mosque applications. Why would anyone want unregulated hate and intolerance preached in their neighbourhood? Gavin Boby of the‘Law & Freedom Foundation’ fights these mosque applications and is quite successful too!

The English Defence League (EDL) is an inclusive organisation, with their leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, who do an excellent job considering what they’re up against. The EDL sends a clear message to the ‘establishment’, and supporting such groups or attending a demo is another option to fight Islamisation.

Liberty GB seems to be the only political party that will stand up to Islam and try and preserve British culture. UK Independence Party would aim to get an EU referendum, butwould UKIP stand up to the predator of Islam? That remains to be seen, however leaving the EU is vital to Great Britain because we currently have an open border policy with 25 other EU countries (soon to be 27 when Bulgaria and Romania have restrictions lifted); 80% of our laws are made by the EU so we are effectively no longer a sovereign country; and the EU is undemocratic because our elected MEP’s have no voting power. If Britain is to attempt to retain its culture, clamp down on immigration and Islamisation, it cannot do so while being governed by Brussels. 

Whichever way you vote, if you care about the future of Great Britain, now more than ever it is important to turn your back on the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives. It has been categorically proven that none of these parties respect British culture or want to reduce immigration levels, and all are scared to death of upsetting Muslims. They all promote ‘liberalism’ and its systematic assault to destroy British culture. Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives all support the ‘anti-fascists’ of the ‘Unite Against Fascism’, basically a front for the Marxist ‘Socialist Workers Party’ who despise British culture. Look at the politically correct list of signatories, and you will find MP’s from Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives on the list. The people of the UAF are effectively the ‘brownshirts’ for the ‘establishment’.

UAF is funded by trade unions and represents an insignificant percentage of the population, whereas the overwhelming majority of Brits are rightly aware and concerned about Islam’s incompatibility with the West. The incorrectly named ‘Hope not Hate’ is run the by middle class socialist Nick Lowles, and is another similar group to the UAF, also determined to push Islamisation through.

Despite all the ‘diversity training’ we are forced to undergo that airbrushes this vile totalitarian ideology of Islam, it is worth reading some of the work of Danish psychologist,Nicolai Sennels, because there are psychological differences between Muslims and Westerners, which make Muslims behave in incompatible ways with Western society….


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