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This is how it works: Chronology of the Islamic Conquest of the Netherlands

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

…While driving a car, Muslim women may wear Muslim headscarves, niqabs or burqas. It is allowed even during the driving test, although the examiner, in that case, is less able to see whether the woman is looking correctly in the mirrors and if she makes enough eye contact with other road users.

Affixing compass cards in police cells in order to point the way towards Mecca for Muslim prisoners is a constitutional right. This was the response of the Interior Minister, Guusje ter Horst from the Dutch Social Party (PvdA), to parliamentary questions from the Party for Freedom (PVV). Muslims are given the opportunity to pray in the right direction by the dots or compass cards in the cells

The Leiden professors W. A. Shadid and P.S. Koningsveld declare that Muslim female students of medicine cannot be expected to be examined by fellow students.

There is discussion in the Dutch parliament (de Tweede-Kamer) on allowing headscarves for police officers.

“Ramadan is for all of us”: a statement made by Minister Ella Vogelaar of Housing, Neighborhoods and Integration.

Universities adapt the curriculum for female Muslim medical students; they do not need to study the male genitals.

2008: The Minister of Justice wants to accommodate Islam and revive the criminalisation of blasphemy.

Een religieus huwelijk zonder burgerlijk boterbriefje is strafbaar. Ondanks de druk van een aantal politici en een burgemeester geeft minister Hirsch Ballin echter steeds weer aan niets in het uitschrijven van bekeuringen (€ 3.350,–) te zien. Hij geeft de voorkeur aan voorlichting en wil de dialoog aangaan over ’dit voor Nederland nieuwe fenomeen’.

A religious marriage without a civil marriage certificate is a punishable offense. Despite pressure from some politicians and a mayor, Minister of Justice, Hirsch Ballin, points out that he does not see any value in issuing fines (of € 3350). He prefers education (information) and wants a dialogue about ‘this new phenomenon for the Netherlands’.

Amsterdam Municipal Transport wants to abolish Christmas staff.

The Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen (Socialist) distances himself from earlier attempts to stimulate the development of Islam in a liberal direction. He decides that street coaches (who are municipal workers) do not have to shake hands with a woman if their faith does not allow this.
The number of Muslims in our country has grown from 54,000 in 1971 to 1,000,000. The Netherlands has currently 450 mosques.
(Compared to a total of 467 municipalities).

Bishop Muskens of Breda says “Allah = God” and calls for abolishing the second Pentecost day as a public holiday and in return giving the day back to Muslims as a public holiday for the ‘Eid’ or ‘Feast of Sacrifice’.

The movie ‘Fitna’ will soon come out. The Dutch government sides with the Muslims in advance and blames Wilders for any outbreaks of violence.

Construction workers in Almere are ordered not to wear shorts at work, but long trousers, because their summer clothes annoy Muslims.
For the same reason, discreet nudes are removed from the town hall of Huizen.

Dutch firms (companies) gave away to the threatened boycott in Jordan against Dutch and Danish products. Zwanenberg (Zwan sausages) and Friesland Foods (cheese) take out advertisements in Jordanian newspapers distancing themselves from Geert Wilders’ movie ‘Fitna’.

Fortis Bank takes the saving piggy bank’s out of circulation to avoid bothering Muslims.

The Dutch public news channel NOS deliberately chooses to start its graphical presentation of the weather by using the Islamic crescent as a symbol for the night.

Polygamous marriages, which occur in most Muslim countries of origin, are allowed to be registered in the basic administration of the Municipality of Amsterdam, this in violation of Dutch laws.

750,000 native Dutch are participating in Ramadan.

State Secretary of Transport, Mrs. Tineke Huizinga (Christen Unie) – What business does she have interfering with the subject?- wants Eid as a national holiday.

A trial of a highway robber is postponed because the accused is participating in Ramadan.

Muslim lawyers do not need to stand up for the judge at the court of justice.

Some hospitals keep female doctors on call, outside normal clinic hours, in case Muslims demand it….

Much more

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