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Houston, Texas: Time to hate the Jews

Well, for these folks, it’s ALWAYS time to hate the Jews.

Here they are, across the street from Houston’s fabulous Galleria, AKA Gazaria:


Useful idiots- check.

Inflammatory, moronic signs- check.

Guy holding sign and Palestinian flag, with red and white keffiyeh fetchingly wrapped around his head- check.  He looks like a true warrior.

These folks gather at the drop of a hat.  Anything going on regarding Israel or Gaza, and they are there! Holding their signs, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, chanting their tired, old slogans.

Hamas has sent more than 1,000 rockets into Israel so far this year.  See below for Hamas Rocket Threat during the past 6 years:

More on Hamas Rocket Attacks here.

Listening to the radio while driving to the rally, I heard that Ban Ki Moon is urging Israel to show restraint. Seriously? How much more restraint can Israel possibly show? How many rockets must fall before Israel should defend herself? How many Israelis must die?

Personally, I am sick of UN/Palestinian/Muslim world lies. Sick of the attacks against the Jews.

I know what I’d like Israel to do.


3 Responses

  1. Maybe we should get out there with our own signs supporting Israel. Time to push back. I am sick of these people.

  2. bullshit… this didn’t even get any press coverage here in houston. just because there are palestinian arabs that live here too doesn’t mean Texans don’t support israel.

    • Press is tired of reporting on angry Arabs, that’s not news. Most Texans do have the good sense to support Israel, the other Lone Star State. There is sadly a cadre in Houston who will happily put their Joo hate on parade. Their rally did happen, looked the same as all their others, yet they claim that they are against violence from both sides. There’s your BS John.

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