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UPDATED: A visit to the halal slaughterhouse (My, how our neighborhoods are changing.)

Scroll down for update.


We made a visit to the local neighborhood halal slaughterhouse on Old Richmond Road in Harris County- near Sugar Land. (We are not experts on slaughterhouses, so can’t compare treatment here to other places. This will just be our observations from our visit.)

The first things we saw were the goat pens, with a few sheep thrown in for variety. It seemed pretty crowded, but not terribly dirty.



The butcher waiting for a family to make their goat selection. This place offers both halal and non-halal slaughter. It caters to folks from many lands, many of whom prefer to visit livestock and choose the healthiest animal they see, rather than buying a package of meat at the grocery store.

 The unlucky goat.

Unlucky goat in his final minutes, being dragged by the tail to the abattoir.

Next, we visited the chicken house. The conditions seemed less than ideal, with the chickens crammed into tiny spaces, with barely room to turn around. And yes, we are aware that chickens are not treated terribly well at many chicken farms, being kept in small cages in filthy conditions.

We noticed several chickens appearing sick or otherwise defective. Having worked at a chicken farm one summer, my experience was that sick or defective chickens were killed, not kept to be sold to the public. Seemed odd.

One of the butchers came to speak to us in the chicken house. He explained that they have regular butchers, and a halal butcher. We asked if the chickens were blessed (Allah’s name should be recited) at the slaughter, according to the rules for halal. The butcher laughed and said: “sometimes”. Doesn’t sound all that halal to me.

One of our concerns regarding halal slaughter is cruelty to the animals. We haven’t heard much from PETA on this. PETA?

We are also concerned about the changing nature of our neighborhoods. How does a halal slaughterhouse benefit us? Are Christians and Jews, and others, happy to eat meat slaughtered according to Islamic ritual, and blessed in the name of Allah?

Will having halal slaughterhouses attract more folks who appreciate their services to our area?

More on the problems we have with halal- caution, very graphic images and video.



We had lunch at the nearby Fadi’s afterward. Why is this woman separated from her dining companions? I don’t recall ever seeing anything like this. Gender apartheid?

Doesn’t look quite like Texas, does it?  The Islamization of our town continues apace.


UPDATE: Halal Slaughterhouse Fined for Discharging Bloody Waste Into Nearby Harris County Ditches

“A slaughterhouse on Old Richmond Road that has been dumping blood into ditches, leaving rotting animal parts on the ground and in improperly refrigerated containers, has to pay $20,000 in civil penalties as part of a settlement reached with the Harris County Attorney’s Office, it was announced today.

Half the money will go to the state, the other half to Harris County.

County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office began investigating Texas Farm Fresh Halal Meat after the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department received complaints about the operation. According to Ryan’s office, the overburdened septic sewer system was clogged and drains weren’t being maintained…”

Disgusting. Read more


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