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US Forces Give Up on Working with Afghanistan

By Bryan Preston

….It’s past time to pull up the stakes and leave Afghanistan. After crushing the Taliban with a few CIA operatives, special forces and brilliant use of our superior technology, we did our best to drag that country close to modernity and freedom. That satisfied our strategic interests there, some time ago.  It’s clear that the people there want neither modernity nor freedom. Give them the freedom to choose their form of government, and they put Christians on trial for their life. Afghanistan’s leaders are unreliable partners. We’re just the latest great power to realize that Afghanistan can’t be fixed.

We should leave, with a threat: The second we see terrorists forming up again, we will be back in swarms of our most lethal aircraft and missiles to take care of the problem. And we will hold the country’s leaders accountable if al Qaeda gains a toehold in the place.



One Response

  1. “We should leave, with a threat…”

    The problem is that liberals on the Left and Paultards/libertarians on the Right don’t want to include that threat, and the American people can’t be trusted to carry it out in any case.

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