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A Handy-dandy guide to keep up with all the Muslim-Days-of-Rage Protests around the world.

To see full size map go here; click locations and embedded links for more information.

Some of the links in the map indicate that the riots are in response to the Mohammed-bashing video. This is incorrect. US Intelligence indicates that the riots were pre-planned.


Q. How Many Flaming Embassies Does It Take To Get MSM To Change A Narrative?

On the day that Obama 2012 actually tweeted a link to Xinhuatwice, and email-blasted it too (yes, I hear the Stef Cutter-Tom Friedman book club is reading The Little Red Book this week, like again, so I’m totally going to Anita Dunn’s house instea … what? Dammit), I’m left with only one explanation regarding the aggressively unprofessional behavior of the New York Times and the Atlantic today:

Their internet is down.

Here’s the lede for the Times:

Following a blunt phone call from President Obama, Egyptian leaders scrambled Thursday to try to repair the country’s alliance with Washington, tacitly acknowledging that they erred in their response to the attack on the United States Embassy by seeking to first appease anti-American domestic opinion without offering a robust condemnation of the violence.

Set off by anger at an American-made video ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad, the attacks on the embassy put President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in a squeeze between the need to stand with Washington against the attackers and the demands of many Egyptians to defy Washington and defend Islam, a senior Brotherhood official acknowledged.

These astonishing two paragraphs do not contain a single bit of correct information.

– Referring to the phone call as “blunt” — if this was actually Xinhua, they would have used “bold” or “courageous” — is objectively absurd considering the lag time between the attack and the call.

– Claiming the Egyptians “tacitly” acknowledged that they erred is, I must assume, an admission that the Egyptians did not acknowledge that they erred, which is the opposite of the Times‘ intended meaning.

The attackers were not set off by a video. Intelligence has already stated that this was a coordinated attack with significant prior planning.

– What need does Morsi have to stand with Washington? The coordination and weaponry used in the attack likely indicates Muslim Brotherhood sponsorship, and Morsi lives according to a creed that sees Washington as a great evil. Additionally, the MB was tweeting out invitations to an anti-Western rally in Arabic just as they sent some platitudes in English. Morsi is not trying to keep both sides happy, he is scamming one while riling up his own…


And now, a map of all the Christian riots after learning of Piss Christ,

the 1987 Andres Serrano photograph of a crucifix submerged in a container of urine:

Huh. No little balloons marking the Christian riots. Oh that’s right, there WEREN’T ANY!  Christians don’t riot when they are offended. If anything, they’ll pray for the soul of the offender.

Sharia law is not compatible with Western, Judeo-Christian civilization. Freedom of Speech, even that which offends, is our right, and must be defended.

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