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Ramadan kareem! Pakistani police assault and arrest two men for having soft drink

By Robert Spencer

Somehow these Misunderstanders of Islam didn’t get the memo that Ramadan is a time to “reconcile differences and seek peace.”

“Pak police assault 2 men for having soft drink,” from PTI, July 29 (thanks to David):

Islamabad: Two men were detained and assaulted by policemen in the Pakistani capital for having a soft drink at a popular tourist spot during the period of fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.The two men – Anwar Abbas and Malik Saeed – were detained while they were having a soft drink inside a car at Daman-e-Koh, a viewpoint overlooking Islamabad, on Friday afternoon.

The incident was reported to Islamabad police chief Bani Yamin, who assured action will be taken against the officials involved in the incident, the Dawn newspaper reported today.

Abbas said: “I was not fasting and knowing that it would be ethically incorrect to have a drink in front of people, I chose a place where no one was present.”

In the meantime, a police constable came and said taking drinks during fasting is a violation of the Ramazan Act and a serious crime.

He said he told the constable that he was not fasting and was having the drink at an isolated place where no one was present.

“I also told him that it was not their job to stop anyone from eating during the time of fasting but the constable insisted that he has to implement the teachings of Islam,” Abbas said….


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