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Once Upon a Time in Tehran

Before the mad-mullahs took control in 1979 and in the name of Allah dragged the Iranian people back to the 7th Century, Tehran was much like any other Westernized City.

A fascinating 20 photo montage of Tehran in a pre-Islamic-revolution age has been compiled by the folks at  Foreign Policy mag

You can see the full Photo Essay here

Compare and contrast to today, where Police regulate a strict adherence to Islamic Dress Code


One Response

  1. Strange. Ron Paul tells us that Iran hates us because we supported the Shah. Yet during his reign, we were NOT hated. It’s only with the rise of the sheethead mullahs that America is their “Great Satan.”

    This fact should be more than enough to demonstrate that the libertarian hero of the ZOG believers is putting over a shallow-minded fraud on the American people, and ought to be rejected from any influence in our government. Well, this fact and this stupidity displayed here: http://youtu.be/H8RFFeSz9cI

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