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There is a famous quote, origin disputed, but widely attributed to Lenin

“…Westerners who deny the existence of the Soviet’s police-state terror are useful idiots.’”

Farha Ahmed’s direct ties, affiliations and general coziness to Islamsts, Jihadis and Anti-American Muslim Brotherhood groups has been revealed in posts here, here, here, here, here, here and here

Nothing reported has stated Farha Ahmed has broken laws or of doing anything illegal.

It was however all factual. It was however all troubling. It was however all previously undisclosed. It has for the most part been hidden by Farha from many of her supporters and Sugar Land’s voters, and it has been either ignored or worse, suppressed by local news media.

Much information came from official US Government sources. Some came from the troubling organizations themselves (sometimes but not always directly)

It remains evident that Sugar Land voters were only being shown the part of Farha’s community activities she wanted them to see but were not being shown a fuller picture, one that involved Ahmed in affiliations and associations with Islamist groups that she ran in tandem to her community activities for Sugar Land.

Whether Ahmed is or isn’t Lady al-Qaeda’s attorney should not be the focal point  of this story.

It just makes a good starting point to shine a light on Farha Ahmed’s association with players in the radical Islamic movement (like Hamas-linked CAIR and Hamas sister organization ISNA) who are currently striving to attain power and influence at any and every level of government in the USA, any which way they can.

The driving force and common factor behind this movement (and Ahmed’s connections) is the Muslim Brotherhood. Whether through direct involvement or through individuals having similar ideologies, they task the Muslim community to

understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad: in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within; and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands, and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions…It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny...     (Muslim Brotherhood in the USA Manifesto 1991)

Previous posts that detailed Farha Ahmed’s involvement with these types of groups and individuals raised questions that Sugar Land voters could be asking themselves as they research Farha Ahmed’s candidacy for a seat on Sugar Land City Council.

Topics covered by those questions have been

– Farha Ahmed’s appointment as attorney by convicted terrorist Aaifa Siddiqui aka Lady Al-Qaeda.

– The many connections Lady Al-Qaeda’s family has to to Farha and their possible support of her election campaign.

– Farah Ahmed’s obfuscation and distraction techniques when discussing a flier detailing her involvement with Siddiqui

– Farha’s leadership role within the Freedom & Justice Foundation of Dallas (website since scrubbed) shows her serving and working alongside radical Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood operatives and other Anti-American individuals

– Muslim Brotherhood ties within the Freedom & Justice Foundation are strong enough to raise concern that Farha Ahmed maybe deployed (wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly) by the MB to make a stealth move into Sugar Land City government

– Farha Ahmed, an attorney, described by the organizations she works with as “a Muslim activist” claims to know little about the workings of Shariah Finance, and feigns to have not studied the differences between Shariah Law and the US Constitution yet much work of ‘Muslim activists’ in Houston, Texas and the Nation focus on barriers within the US Constitution being removed for Muslims in order they be allowed to practice Shariah.

– Islamic doctrines of deceit and halftruths can be used to disguise an Islamist agenda

–  Farha Ahmed’s participation in conferences held by funders of terrorism.

– Ahmed served on panels at these conferences alongside: Islamists; Terrorist sympathizers; lawbreakers and associates of convicted terrorists. At worst she did this knowingly; at best with willful ignorance

– Farha Ahmed’s co-moderated a banquet for the Mayor of Houston hosted by an organization tied to Hamas

– Farha introduced a keynote speaker at the Mayor’s banquet as an example of a Muslim with good interfaith outreach, even though the radical Imam sponsored an Anti-Semitic rally at his mosque, and is surrounded by Jew-Haters.

– All of these connections, affiliations and milestones for a community leader are excluded from Ahmed’s bio in her candidacy for City Council.

– Ahmed self-servingly declared herself a victim of a smear campaign once factual information emerged that negatively impacted her candidacy

It is readily acknowledged that this is a municipal city council election under discussion, and not a State or Federal position with National Security implications so the ideology underpinning some of Farha’s connections and affiliations may not matter.

But some of the ideology does (Shariah Finance and its yet to be tested constitutionality; planning issues; the creep of Shariah; equal protection under the law).

Only Sugar Land voters can determine whether Farha’s associations with these dubious organizations and characters matter. But at least now a clearer picture has emerged of Farha Ahmed’s activities.

Which brings the final two questions Sugar Land voters could be asking themselves:

Why was so much information about Farha Ahmed’s affiliations with radical, non-mainstream groups kept away from voters, sometimes to the extent of scrubbing websites to hide her affiliations ?

Has Farha Ahmed gained enough trust to be a gatekeeper for Sugar Land’s citizens ?  


2 Responses

  1. To anyone who suspects Farha as less than credible, I have known her since she was born. We grew up together. She’s not a radical Muslim nor a criminal in any way, she is educated and moderate in all her views and has gone out of her way to help others during their time of need. She has helped women’s causes and believed Ms. Siddiqi was innocent which is why she assisted and went to her aid in New York. She is not connected with any terrorist organizations and she is an American, through and through. She may have innocently and unknowingly trusted others with their own agendas too much, but she is certainly not a person with any sort of anti-American agenda whatsoever. Farha is a hard worker and cares about her community. She would not consider harming anyone. She is a decent human being with a loving heart. I’m saddened to read that the City of Sugar Land will not have Farha’s participation at City Council because of these distractions. There is some sort of misunderstanding going on. I wish Farha the best, always.

    • Sofia

      Thank you for your participation

      At no time was it stated that Farha is a criminal. Please dont put words where there are none.

      It is encouraging that someone in Farha’s “camp” can confirm her association with Lady Al-Qaeda.

      But again the focus is there rather than her participation as a Leader with Freedom & Justice’s Muslim Brotherhood cronies, her collaborations with CAIR and her involvement with ISNA, which irrespective of your claims of Farha’s good deeds are troubling associations to have. Or do you find nothing unusual/radical/controversial with organizations designated by the US DoJ as fronts for Hamas ?

      You claim to know her well and claim she is not a Radical Muslim, yet she seems to hang around with plenty of radical Muslims. Why do you suppose that is, especially when we are told that there are really on a very few insignificant numbers of Radical Muslims? Which suggests us that either there are more Radicals than the ummah is letting on to , or Farha Ahmed has gone out of her way to identify and seek out the very few radical Muslims to conduct her Muslim activism with. But it cant be both.

      The Fort Bend Independent Newspaper Digital Version has an interesting and insightful essay titled Politics is a Blood Sport and it deals with how this matters, and why voters in Sugar Land had a right to know how Farha Ahmed’s “hidden” political and activist endeavors may (or may not) effect her candidacy.

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